BEHIND THE SCENES: Great Day Houston Fashion Segment

Monday, January 13, 2014

So it would be nice if we could all just wake up ready to go to be on live TV, but alas that is not the case. So Friday morning, I found myself up at 6am to head over to KHOU Studios by 7am. That was the plan at arrive by 7am...but apparently Houston traffic had other plans for me, so I arrived at  Anyway, KHOU had reserved a guest space for me so I parked there and pretty much arrived at the same time as the other models, muas, and hair stylist. We all helped unload my car and headed to the large conference room that Jennifer had reserved for us to get ready.  

MUA Marcella Sky setting up shop and instagramming her station. Bout to go to #werk on the models

I made cute little signs for the girls on their garment bags

Time to get dressed:

Hollye doing the darn thing on my hair! I asked for braids to wear under my fun red wig
Candace Rashada from Team En'Style doing Model Tashia's Makeup
MUA, Marcella's Makeup Kit
Zoom in on Tashia's Beautiful Natural Face
KHOU Producer, Jennifer Altheide and I discussing the order of the models
Smile! You're on candid camera Marcella!
Model Lindsay's beautiful eye makeup done by Candace Rashada
Marcella doing Model Nikki's Makeup
Heading downstairs for a practice run

Me, camera shy? Who would have thunk it?
Testing out my seat, while the Models practice their walks

The seats for Debra Duncan and I
From practice into the Green Room Makeup Chair
Hollye doing Model Nikki's Hair
Tashia's final makeup look! I'm loving this lipstick shade

Thank you to my friend Valerie for taking all of these behind the scenes shots for Live Life in Style!

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