INTERVIEW: Jennifer Williams, Basketball Wife-Reality TV Star-Entrepreneur

Sunday, January 05, 2014

I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with the gorgeous Jennifer Williams, from Basketball Wives last year when she was in town for All-Star Weekend.  She was the celebrity host for All-Star Weekend Edition Party.  It was a fab event, and she was so humble and nice.  It took me this long to post the interview, because I had to scrub out the background noise of the fashion show, but it's all transcribed and ready for you to enjoy! So Enjoy! 

What was your inspiration behind starting your Lucid Cosmetic's line?
I think I've just always been into beauty and fashion, and having the platform of being on TV, I thought, 'What do I want to do with this?'   I wanted to segway into something else and use that as a platform to do bigger things. One day I looked in my bag and I had about 7 lipglosses, and I said to myself 'You know what, I want to make lipgloss'.  I didn't realize so much went into it and I do it all by myself. There was a lot I had to learn. I think the inspiration just came from being a girly girl and growing up loving barbie dolls. This probably might date me a little bit but I went to Barbizon Beauty School when I was younger and learned all about makeup and fashion, so I've always been into it. I had this opportunity to have my own, so why not do it?

Right! That's how I feel! I've always been into fashion, but I'm an engineer during the day!
Really? What type of Engineer? 
Chemical Engineer
Oh my God, my dad and my sister are engineers. 
See it runs in the family! There's engineering and creativity!
Yes, my sister is a Chemical Engineer and my Dad is an Industrial Engineer 

That's cool! Well, tell me more about your Project Save the World? 
It's a foundation that I started with another NBA wife and my manager. I felt that I was extremely blessed and I wanted to give back, but collectively we couldn't decide on one cause that we all wanted to support. There are just so many causes that need our time, effort, energy & money, so basically it's whatever is in our hearts at that moment that we want to support. Our motto is to 'Change the World, One Mission at a Time'.

How did you come to learn about the organization GlamShop and their event today? 
Honestly, I had no idea about GlamShop. My manager told me about it and what they do and so I did a little research on my own. I looked at the place and was like oh my God, it's so cute. I'm all about women empowerment and women trying to do positive thing, so if I can support that, then by all means I will definitely do that.

It's a great organization, this is my second time coming to one of their events. It's just nice to have all the women here with the empowerment, shopping and of course having you here, which is great!
Thanks! Yes, it's something positive.

There's so much negativity in the world.
Yes, and I think it's very important to put events like this out portray different images of women. Especially since entertainment and reality TV display women so negatively. It's not all like that. I think it's very important that women do get together and there doesn't have to be drama. We can have a good time, sip a cocktail, shop, have great conversation and lift each other up. I think that's important.

How has basketball changed your life, positive and negative?
I think its been a little bit of both...being on Basketball Wives my life has definitely changed. I think I've grown a lot, but I think I was forced to make some decisions that I might not have made if I wasn't on the show. In regards to my marriage, I was comfortable, it was convenient, though it wasn't the best thing. It was what I knew, but at the same time I knew I wasn't happy. I think it kind of forced me to make a decision to go out and find happiness and if that meant not with him, then that's what I had to do. You can view that as positive and negative. I think for me it has been very positive, because I'm in a happy space right now.  I also had another friendship that deteriorated because of it (basketball), but I'm a firm believer in 'Everything happens for a reason', so if this is the direction that my life is supposed to go in, then I  just have to embrace it and keep moving forward.

I feel the things that you've gone through, happen to a lot of people, you are just in the limelight going through them. So many women have gone through divorces & fights with friends, but when you can come out of it, and do your own soul-searching and be where you want to be...a happy place...that's really great. You can turn something negative into positive. Absolutely, I'm not the first person that went through it. I think when you see someone on TV going through things people want to relate. I'm not the first woman to be in a bad relationship.  Every woman has been in a bad relationship, whether you've had a horrible boyfriend, or a horrible husband but you can relate to that.  And we've all had issues with our girlfriends. I think the key is to be honest with your situation.  When you have cameras in your face, you may not always want to expose certain feelings. I think it's important  to do it because you never know who's watching or who can learn from it. If I can save one woman from being in a bad relationship and just convince them to have the courage to go out there and find what makes them happy, that makes me happy.

That's great! Well I'm glad that you're so positive and upbeat about everything. 
I try to be, no room for negative, put that stuff behind you.

How would you describe your personal style?
You know what, I get asked that a lot. 

It's a harder question than people think!
It is! I think my personal style is classic with a little bit of edge. I like to try things, because I feel that fashion is about not playing it safe. You have to take risks and challenge yourself and sometimes it might not always work, but you won't know until you try it. I don't like to go too far over the edge, but I do like to play with certain things, so I would say classic with a little bit of edge.

Thank you so much Jennifer for your time! It was a pleasure speaking with you, and I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors!
Thanks Shalanda, you too!

For more on Jennifer Williams, you can visit her site:

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  1. Shasie, either she have lost a lot of weight since the show or TV really doesn't do her any justice. Wow she is beautiful and super tall for what I can tell. Thanks for sharing this post, she was one of my favorite ones. :)

    1. Yea she freaking looked AMAZING! I was like Damn, I need to get my body right. I've always liked Jen too.


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