WHAT I WORE: Pagan Angel

Monday, December 30, 2013


Last Friday I attended the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert for their stop in Houston! I had to work during the day, and wore this sweater with the necklace to work. I had planned on coming home and changing into a dress and some heels for the concert, but last minute I decided that I wanted to keep on my upper half, because I loved how the necklace stood out against the black sweater.  I had on jeans, so I changed from my jeans to my black pants that I've had for YEARS from Charlotte Russe! Ironically this cowlneck sweater I've had for YEARS from Charlotte Russe also.  I added the snakeskin wrap for a fun print.  As for the heels? Well I opted against those too, and went with my trusty pewter color flats from Payless.  

Sooooo now onto my lipstick! I had to try this color after I saw LeRenda from BeautybyLeRenda.com post a picture of it on instagram. It looked so cute on her, and the color was darker than anything I've ever attempted to wear before, and at wet n wild prices, why not try it out?  I think it looks great! I'm still partial to my reds, but this is a cool alternative for fun occasions, and I think it was the perfect shade for my Trans-Siberian Orchestra outfit! 

Cowlneck Sweater: Charlotte Russe
Snakeskin Print Wrap: c/o Shawl Dawls
Flats: Payless (similar)
Watch: Michael Kors


What do you guys think of this lipstick shade? 

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Robyn! They have really great wraps at Shawl Dawls! All kinds of fabrics and prints, and they are very affordable! www.shawldawls.com :-)

  2. I love your duster! Great styling.


    1. Thanks lady! I have a bunch of them in different fabrics and prints. They are fun.


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