HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY: Knot Standard Custom-Tailored Men's Shirt

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Being the lover of fashion that I am, I love a man that can dress. To me, nothing is more attractive than a man in a tailored ensemble.  Knot Standard, started by Matthew Mueller, creates custom suits, blazers and shirts for men.  Yes....I think this might be my new favorite go-to for menswear gifts! This holiday season they have implemented their Knot Standard Red Card.
The red card can be used one of 2 ways; as a direct gift card to Him for him to order what he wants from KS, or you can actually design the item for him, and he can redeem the look through the red card that you give him as a gift.  Cool right? Well the lovely people over at Knot Standard are offering my readers the chance to win a custom-tailored men's shirt just in time for the Holidays! Whether you are a guy and want to enter to win the shirt for yourself, or a gal looking to gift the special someone in her life (boyfriend, fiancee, husband, father, or brother) this gift is sure to please. 


How It Works:
  1. All gift cards come "blank" - ready to be loaded with the perfect design for that special man in a hand-made gift box
  2. Then at, buyers will design shirt they want to give (and decide if they'd like to let the recipient change it afterwards!)
  3. They enter the code on the gift card, and the design is automatically saved
  4. Knot Standard then overnights a sample of the fabric, a special Knot Standard measuring tape, and a booklet and photos of the custom gift, ready to wrap in the Knot Standard gift box
That's it! After opening the gift he simply answers a few simple measuring questions, and his order is delivered in 3-4 weeks!! Knot Standard has been featured in Los Angeles Times, GQ, Mashable, Forbes, Business Insider and BBC.

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