#LUCKYFABB - Barbie Lunch

Saturday, November 09, 2013

What girl didn't have Barbie's while growing up. I know I did, and today whether you love or hate her, Barbie is still a major brand and icon.  She wears couture clothing, there are hundreds of Barbie collectors world-wide, celebs love to have their likeness made into Barbie.  The lunch was super fun! We met with the Mattel Barbie reps, and had a yummy lunch. At each of our seats we had presents waiting for us: Digital Dress Barbie, and a Barbie Makeover kit! Teehee now I'm trying to decide on if I should pass along these fun goodies to my niece or keep them for myself. At the lunch we learned about the history of Barbie, her evolution with the times. We talked about her controversy, and our childhood memories with barbie.  I actually think Barbie is a great female role model. Of course no one living can be Barbie's physical body dimensions and survive, but she's been everything from an Astronaut to the President of the United States. 



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