#FASHIONHOUSTON: David Peck's "Made Here" Brings Tears

Monday, November 18, 2013

Good to know that I was not the only one who was moved to tears in response to David Peck's runway presentation on Thursday night of Fashion Houston.  In addition to bringing his entire manufacturing team limo-style to walk the Fashion Houston Red-Carpet with him, he also brought them on stage for the final walk of his runway presentation.  I've never seen anything like it and from the standing ovation and people wiping tears from their eyes, I don't think anyone else had either!  It was definitely one of the most memorable moments that night, and pretty much all of Fashion Houston. For a designer to care so much about where his clothes are made and the team that makes them that he would bring the typically "behind-the-scenes" crew to the limelight was such a touching moment and a delight.  This just goes to show that you CANNOT solely label David Peck as a Fashion Designer.  He's a mover and a shaker, and adamant about changing the world!
David Peck's manufacturing team arrives on the red carpet wearing their Made Here smocks

David Peck is of course a very talented Fashion Designer. He continues to present collections season after season to rave reviews from his ever-growing client base and fashion editors alike, but as you can see...he does so much more than just design.  David is a very conscientious designer and spends a lot of time giving back. He mentors up and coming fashion designers, such as Houston talent Amir Taghi. He works tirelessly to change the way clothes are made with a focus on quality, proper working conditions for manufacturing teams and making clothes in the U.S.  He believes in this so much, that he has opened up his facility to also produce the clothes designed by other Houston Fashion Designers under his Houston Made initiative.  In addition to this he gives back to charitable organizations around the city and has recently been named the Chair of Houston's new collective: Houston Designed. Houston Designed is a campaign to make Houston a hub for all things art, fashion & interior design.  Whew! Where does he find the time to do all of this!?!? Read on to find out, as I had the chance to sit down with him for a Q&A session post his Fashion Houston runway show. 
Why is it so important to you to make sure your clothes are made here in the U.S., especially here in Houston?
Well for me, it's really important because with Fast Fashion, this big trend that's happened over the last decade, we've really lost the quality and a lot of the integrity in clothes. We don't know what it means to make good clothes anymore. By bringing the manufacturing closer to us, we really get to analyze the process & know the people who make them. Seeing the process everyday allows you to look at clothing differently and it becomes more meaningful and not something that you just dispose of easily.

Watch this Video of David & his team talk about his Made Here Initiative

I of course loved your Spring 2014 collection! First time I've had the chance to see it! Tell us about your choice of colors? 
I really loved the idea of playing with tone on tonality. Whether it's pairing lots of warm pinks with gorgeous reds or mixing yellows and golds with different greens and blues it's playing with tonality. Yet, it's not necessarily monochromatic, because there are little pops of color due to working with the whole spectrum of a single color.

I loved the colors and the way you paired them together. So that's how you chose your colors, how did you go about choosing the silhouettes you created? 
Well, one of the great things about doing collections and selling directly to customers and having a great place like Tootsies selling your line is that you learn so much about what woman want and what they need. That's something we've tried really, really hard to listen to by having classic silhouettes we know our customers want. There's always something new every season, but we're always trying to reinvent things that work, because we know women want to have them in their wardrobe. Those classic sheath dresses, things that have a little more volume in the skirt because woman are subconscious about their hips. We really try to reinvent them every season so they feel new and fresh, but yet they still feel familiar. 

How do you find all the time to do everything?
Very little sleep, especially this week! I have an amazing team, I don't do it by myself. Besides all of the people who sew and manufacture everything at David Peck USA, I have people in the office who work tirelessly, and are so creative. They help us come with ideas, like tonight and help us put it all together, so it's definitely a group effort.



How adorable is this little girl?


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