#FASHIONHOUSTON: Catherine's Vintage Inspiration

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Catherine Deane is such a lovely lady! She was such a joy to chat with post her runway presentation at Fashion Houston.  Of course I asked her the standard questions, but her answers were anything by standard! Find out what inspires Catherine when she's creating for her still relatively young fashion label.

Tell us more about your Spring 2014 Collection
Well I've had my line for 7 years now and the essence of this particular collection was really my change in location. I started my business in London and then I moved to Hong Kong. I've been there for the last 6 years establishing a foundation in logistics and manufacturing. At the beginning of this year I moved back to London, so this collection for me is really about the feeling of coming home. It was probably a lot more feminine than I've done in the past, which felt really good to me. I just felt more in my comfort zone being back in the city (London) that I find so inspiring in terms of history, culture, architecture and even the colors. The colors of this collection are inspired by the more watered-down colors of London itself.

Beautiful, so this collection was dreamt up by your move back to London. Would you say your overall aesthetic is inspired by location? 
That is definitely one of the inspirations. I'd say the primary inspirations to me are certainly location, and vintage textiles. I do a lot of research in vintage textile. I'm so passionate about them.  I like to find beautiful lace or beadwork embellishments in antique markets in Paris and London, and just reviving those beautiful old methods of craft. You'll see a lot of embroidery on the dresses and a lot of embellishment in this collection. All of those are engineered by us to look like vintage garments.  

People don't take the time to do things by hand anymore and pay attention to the details.
Yes! I'm very passionate about that, so the craft and antiquity, the location and also nature for me is a huge inspiration. I'm a total nature child. Whenever I have the chance, I'm climbing a mountain or I'm running through a park. I'm actually climbing Kilimanjaro next year. To me nature is the best designer.  
I loved your dresses that looked like 2 pieces! I really believed that it was a top tucked into a skirt! What was your reasoning behind designing dresses that look like 2-pieces?
Simply because we wanted to make it easy for woman. That style makes the dresses look more contemporary.  It looks like a top and a dress, put you have the ease of pulling one piece out of your wardrobe and putting it on. 



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