#FASHIONHOUSTON: Chatting with Fashion Designer Rolando Santana

Sunday, November 17, 2013

I love my job.  My job as a fashion blogger that is.  I've had so many wonderful opportunities with this side passion of mine, that I'm truly grateful! One of the many perks of being a successful blogger is being able to interview celebrities and fashion designers for my site! For night 3 of Fashion Houston, I sat down with Mexican Fashion Designer, Rolando Santana to chat about the inspiration behind his Spring 2014 collection.
Rolando Santana and I in the VIP Green Room
Tell us a little bit about what was going through your mind as you were designing this gorgeous collection? 
It's mainly inspired by Frida Khalo. I obviously knew about her, but it's not the Frida Khalo that everybody thinks of in the literal sense. She's a very strong woman and very folkloric. The way she dressed was very costumey and she loved wearing flowers. I'm taking the essence of who she was as a woman, more of who she was inside and not focusing on what she actually wore. She was incredibly feminine, very delicate and very fragile. It was taking those elements and translating them into a collection that a woman, a strong woman today would wear.

This is your first time showing at Fashion Houston! How is that for you and is this your first time in Houston?
I've been to Houston before, but never relating to my collections, so I'm very happy to be here.  We have the stores here that sell our collection so I'm very happy that we have the opportunity to come and share our collection with the women who wear our clothes.

What are your plans after Fashion Houston? Have you already starting thinking about your Fall 2014 collection?
Well we showed this Spring collection in New York during fashion week, so we've already started thinking about Fall. It's crazy because it seems like we just had Fashion Week, but already, in a few months we'll be presenting Fall 2014.  We started working on that right after we finished showing Spring 2014.

Any preview to what we'll see from you this February?
The inspiration for Fall 2014 is another artist, a Mexican artist named Gabriel Orozco. His work is very interesting, as it's more about the relationship between space and objects. I love to work with textures. In fact, this Spring 2014 collection was the first time I really used color. My color palettes tend to be very muted, very neutral or dark, so this was the first time I used bright yellow, pink, and pastel purples. It was a little bit of stepping outside of my comfort zone.  I mentioned this change in color palette because Gabriel's work is also very dark and neutral in color so this was a great exercise for me. I think the market needs color, and we have to listen to the needs of the market, and to what the retailers think as well.

While I was in New York for Fashion Week, I did notice a big trend from the designers with moving away from the bright neons of seasons' past. I'm actually really loving the darker tones and pastels. 
Yes very soft, very feminine. 

However, I do like both color options, neons and pastels.
Yes, I think each collection has to tell a story. They have be quite different from one another.

For more information on Rolando Santana please view the following site:

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