#FASHIONHOUSTON: A Conversation with Fashion Designer Marios Schwab

Friday, November 22, 2013

I loved talking to Marios Schwab. Something about him just exuded sex appeal and complete understanding of the female body. I mean I swear men dress women like none other. Marios kicked off Fashion Houston as the first designer on opening night. I really liked his collection, as it was unique, and to me had an artsy element to it. After his show I sat down with him to chat about his Spring 2014 collection.

Mario's Inspiration
I started off by contouring the body, and I was very much inspired by airbrushing. It's a technique that was developed for pin-up girls and graphic sort of elements in the 40's and the 50's. I wanted to take it & highlight the female contours of the body. For me, each project starts off like that...from a naive concept into the anatomy of the women's body. I like to dissect the themes in different ways technicalities. It's a really nice process to actually pay homage to a woman, and that's what I like doing.
I really loved the intro video. My Mom and I used to watch film noirs and we love the old black and white films.
Ahh that's nice! It did give another dimension to the film, didn't it?

I have to ask, even though I know it's a hard question! Which looks were your personal favorite?
I really liked the beaded pieces that were quite lean and slim in the fit but they have this bead work in black and white. There was one long one and one short one, one in white and one in black. I really liked the bead work on them. I really liked the concept of this collection because they have a story behind them. I like the idea of a woman dressing up in a garment that she has selected, and she had the intellect of choosing it herself.  It's not just about trends. It's about garments that can be seen in different angles. I really like this idea of a woman having her own personality in choosing clothes.

Where do you see the woman who loves your clothes wearing your garments?
She likes to have a wild moment.  She likes these one-off pieces that are very selective. She goes to incredible events to show her physique, but also her taste-level. But she can also go to the club or an incredible restaurant. I like the idea of putting a bit of jus in the daytime as well!

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