#LUCKYFABB RECAP - Eva Chen, Eva Mendes, Kate Bosworth & Top Bloggers

Saturday, November 09, 2013

So it may seem like all I did at LuckyFabb was grab goodies and hang out with the Barbie team, but it was a conference after all and I actually did participate in panels and breakout sessions.  Day one was held at the Times Building and kicked off with a Q&A session with Lucky Magazine Editor-in-Chief Eva Chen by Lucky Magazine Editor-at-Large Lauren Sherman.  I was a little late to this one so I snuck into a seat in the back of the auditorium. One of the comments I remembered the most from this session with Eva was "It pays to be nice. No one wants to hang out with the mean girls." It's so true! I don't like cliques and I don't like hating on people. I like to be nice and accepting of all.  Life is too short for all of that.  

Panel 2 was titled ROI: Turning Your Readers Into Your Advocates with panelists Gabi Gregg (GabiFresh), Erica Domesek (P.S. I Made This), and Alisa Gould-Simon (Co-founder of Pose.com) moderated my Luckymag.com Digital Editor Verena von Pfetten.

After the morning panels we had a break, so I took this time to visit the brands in the VIP Gifting Suite! You can read my post on the gifting suite HERE.  
After the break the gorgeous Eva Mendes sat down for a Style Conversation with Eva Chen. I mean, I always knew Eva Mendes was pretty, but she's super gorgeous in person and seems so humble! She would definitely be a fun gal-pal. She talked about her personal style, her love of vintage and thrift shopping, and her inspiration behind her collection for New York & Company before answering questions from the audience.
At one point, Eva even got up and borrowed a blogger's scarf from the audience to show us how she loves to wear scarves in her hair as an accessory. She knocked it out of the park, styling it without a mirror
After Eva, we heard from this app company called Magisto.  I've been obsessed with Magisto every since this presentation, and I've made tons of videos from my unused footage on my phone! It's super cool! If you aren't already using it, you are missing out.  Lunch was provided for us on day one, and I just loved the presentation of the non-Asian food in Asian-inspired food boxes.  Super cute!
I also spent the second half of lunch investigating the brands outside of the gifting suite! There were so many! From Charming Charling, to Covet Fashion, to meeting Erica of PS. I Made This. I've always wanted to do more DIY, I just need to find the time! So I bought her book and she was on hand to sign it for me. She kept trying to hand me the sharpie, and I was like, oh no that's yours and she was like, "No keep it!". Finally I looked at the sharpie and it was monogrammed with PS I Made This! Ha, I get it! 
I also had to get a picture with Erica because we were both wearing fun headbands! She had on a pair of sparkly cat-ears and I was rockin' my BCBGMaxAzria wings!
Bryanboy was up next rocking this cool sweater! I like his more tamed-down style better! He's one of the original fashion bloggers and an inspiration for a lot of us. He talked about how the world of blogging has changed, how he's a one-man show versus people like Chiara of The Blonde Salad who are like a team of ten.  Eva asked him what are some things that bloggers are doing that you wish they would stop, and he was mentioned business cards! Lol. I thought that was interesting. I used my business cards for everything! Sorry Bryanboy! I'm going to keep doing that one! :-)

I'm a big fan of Lindsey Calla (Saucy Glossie), and I'm a member of Rewardstyle, and I follow blogs on Bloglovin, so I was definitely interested in what these three had to say about what mistakes not to make. They had some really great advice for us! However, I must admit that I was little distracted by Mattias Swenson! Who knew he was so cute? And he had an amazing accent? Definitely distracted by him, Lindsey's shoes and Amber's whole outfit, especially the bcbg ear cuff!  I chatted with Amber at the RewardStyle party in New York during New York Fashion Week. 
So I definitely have a new crush! Mattias Swenson, co-founder of Bloglovin! 

This panel was lead by John Januzzi, Senior Digital Projects Editor, LuckyMag.com. If you are not following John on twitter you are missing out! He is so funny, and it was cool to see him in person. This panel was helpful, with all the social media sites out there nowadays which one should you use? The short answer it depends on your target audience and what they are using and your goals with social media engagement. 
And last but not least, closing out day one, was the Style Conversation with Kate Bosworth. She came out in the very popular Sweatshirt trend for Fall right now.  The top and the skirt are also apart of her new collection with Top Shop.  She is recently married, and you can tell she was just glowing from ear to ear about her new life with her hubby.  She talked about her personal style and traveling to London to work with the Top Shop team on her collaboration and also answered audience questions.

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  1. Looks like it was fun...wish I was there!

  2. Great pics, especially of Eva Mendes. It did look like a fun affair. Glad you could be part of it.


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