#FASHIONHOUSTON: Interviewing Fashion Designer Wes Gordon

Friday, November 29, 2013

Seriously? Does life get any better? I had the opportunity to interview Wes Gordon before his closing show at Fashion Houston.  I think I also developed a little crush on him too! I mean the accent, and he makes great clothes! 
Wes, what are we going to see tonight?  Tonight you'll see part of our Resort 2014 Collection and part of our Spring 2014 Collection. Spring walked the runway in New York during Fashion Week in September, and we're very excited to be here tonight closing the show in Houston.

Is this your first time in Houston? It is not my first time in Houston. I've been here a couple times. I love Houston. We work with Neiman Marcus  here and we're so excited about that.  This event is amazing,. Everyone's done an incredible job putting it all together.

Isn't it fun? I'm so glad we have something like this here in Houston! It's so slick and so huge!

How is it to actually be showing at Fashion Houston? 
So exciting, such an honor. It was kind of a last minute thing. There were some changes and we're so honored and lucky that it worked out this way. It's very excited to see how it all looks out there.

Let's talk about all  the A-list celebrities wearing your clothes, and of course the First Lady, Michele Obama. It was so amazing. I actually found out on twitter, and it was an awesome experience. She looked great. It's exciting to have a first lady. who is so supportive of young designers. She looked beautiful and it was really a dream come true.

What colors will we see on the runway? You're going to see a lot of soft colors; butter, blush, lilac, & celadon that we anchor with black, coppers and whites to make them not too Easter.
I saw a lot of pastels, black and whites when in I was in New York for Fashion Week.
It's definitely about softer colors this season, but the trick is to do them in a way that you don't look like an Easter decoration. Do it in a way that feels cool and edgy and not too pretty, pretty.

I'm very excited to be moving away from neons. I mean I love brights, but I'm excited about all of these pastels! It gives everything more of a romantic feel. 
Very feminine and soft, and then you ground it with some black and it's also something a little tough.

What was your actual inspiration for your collections showing tonight?
Both Spring and Resort both have 90's elements. Caroline Bessette-Kennedy, Gwyneth Paltrow in Great Expectations. It's a very cleaned, streamlined approach to a feminine love story. 

The rest of the collection was taken from my iphone because my SD Card ran out of space :-(

Wes Gordon and I
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