#FASHIONHOUSTON 2013: Talbot Runhof inspired by Barbara and Irene

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

With Adrian Runhof & Johnny Talbot
It was seriously a dream come true, being able to chat with so many talented designers during Fashion Houston! Today I have for you my chat with the design team behind Talbot Runhof:  Johnny Talbot & Adrian Runhof.  They showed their collection opening night of Fashion Houston, and honestly it was one of my favorites from the entire week! I loved the black and white "backgammon-esque" (I like making up words) colorblocking, and I definitely loved the fabric choices on the cute tan and lemon-yellow dresses! There's even a cape-dress in this collection that would have made James Brown, and all super heroines proud! But first, the inspiration behind Talbot Runhof's Spring 2014 collection.

In the summer we went to see a Barbara Streisand concert. She did 4 dates in Europe, and we saw her in Berlin. She sang a song called "Down With Love", that has looking at her old TV specials from the early 60's. There's one in particular called "It's Happening in Central Park", where she again sang the song Down with Love. The costumes in that special were made by Irene Sharaff, who everyone knows won a lot of oscars, and did a lot of films including a lot of Barbara Streisand films.  We started looking at these old silhouettes and shapes that Barbara wore, and that Irene Sheriff designed and along with the words of the song and it all just seemed to make a nice round picture for us.

What colors will we see on the runway? A lot of black and white, sprinkled with lemon yellow and baby blues.

Is this your first time showing your collection in Houston?We've been working with Neiman Marcus for about 8 years and our line has been in the Houston store here for quite some time and they do very well with our collection. We love being here and being in the store. We love being in Houston!

How did you come to do Fashion Houston this year? We were approached by Neiman Marcus, and it just seemed like a wonderful idea, and a great opportunity for us!  



For more information on Talbot Runhof, please visit the following sites:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/talbotrunhof

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