EVENT RECAP: Fashion Houston & Men of Fashion Event

Saturday, November 02, 2013

At most I usually have 2 events in the same night. Every now and then I'll 3 or 4.  A couple weeks ago I attended 2 events. The first one was Fashion Houston's Meet-up Tweet-up at Hotel Zaza, and the 2nd one was Modern Luxury's Men of Fashion Event.  I first stopped by the Meetup Tweet-up with my friend Chimere.  Chimere is the Editor of Naturally Happy Hair Magazine.  I think Meetup Tweet-ups are really fun, because everyone attending gets assigned a specific hashtag. In this case it was #FHZaZa and when you tweeted using that hashtag, your tweet popped up on the screens around the room. Fashion Houston is Houston's Fashion Week, and it sets to kick-off November 12th.  Prior to the main event, the team at Fashion Houston hosts multiple preview events around the city to get everyone in the mindset for amazing fashion!  

The Step & Repeat
I just love the decor of Hotel ZaZa
How cute is this presentation of pudding! I went in on these!

Stylist Kim Dunn, and Sports Blogger Jayme Lamm
Chimere and I

Lily Jang with Fashion Houston Founder Jared Lang

Ran into one of my fav News Anchors KHOU's Lily Jang

After hanging out at Hotel ZaZa I headed to the Men of Fashion event at Mo's steakhouse in the Galleria area. I definitely wanted to attend this event, because we so rarely have events that focus on men's fashion.  Modern Luxury picked prominent men in Houston for a shoot styling them in clothes by top men's boutiques in Houston. The event was more of a mingle event, and I chatted with my friends, ordered some yummy mac & cheese, and checked out the photos. 



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