#FASHIONHOUSTON: Chloe Dao's Editor Street Inspiration

Saturday, November 16, 2013

I'm not a native Houstonian. I moved here about 5 years ago from Pennsylvania. About a year after I arrived I started my fashion blog. With this new venture, I started exploring more of the local boutiques in Houston and that's when I first discovered Chloe Dao at the then called Lot 8 Boutique. That's right, I had watched Project Runway Season 2, but never made the connection that Chloe Dao was based in Houston! How exciting?! Chloe and her sister Sydney Dao manage her boutique in the Rice Village area of Houston, now renamed to her namesake Dao Chloe Dao.  Chloe and Sydney are some of the nicest people that I have had the pleasure to meet in the Houston Fashion Industry! I love everything they do for fashion in the city of Houston! Chloe presented her Spring 2014 collection at Fashion Houston. I had the chance to chat with Chloe after the show and get the 411 from her Spring 2014 line (I LOVED it soooo much)! 

Loved, loved, loved your collection Chloe & the lip accessories were fabulous! You've got to tell us what was going through your head while you were designing this collection?
Well the whole collection is called Editor Street. It's about all the established fashion editors that come out for fashion week or are captured on their way there. There style is just so awesome and quirky. Some of them are quirky and some of them are classic but always amazing style. I was really inspired by them, and I really wanted to evoke that into this collection. That's why you'll see great classic pieces, fun pieces, along with really fun accessories.  I also wanted the models to have light make-up, nothing hard-core because the editors never look like they're trying too hard, but secretly we know they try very hard. You can see that there's effort put into it, but it comes off effortless.

Is that why you chose all the prints because they represented quirky & fun?
Yes! It's always a bit of a challenge to do so many prints and connect them all. I just felt that this season I wanted to be vibrant, and those prints were really great for that. The prints were also very structured because they were all plaids...so very geometric. I did really basic stuff this time around, so whenever you do basic cuts you have to use very interesting prints. Balancing those two made this collection. 




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