#FASHIONHOUSTON: A Conversation with Bibhu Mohapatra

Friday, November 15, 2013

Fashion Houston is in full swing this week, kicking off on November 12th and ending November 15th. It's Houston's best fashion week showcasing emerging, local, & international designers. Every night I've been in the green room interviewing the designers before or after their show.  Check out what Bibhu Mohapatra had to say about his collection and dear friend Wendy Whelan. 

BIBHU MOHAPATRA (Bee-Boo Mo-hop-it-tra)
What was going through your head when you were designing this line?
This collection was mainly driven by the whole idea of reinventing yourself, really finding yourself and having a new beginning. It's inspired by modern dance and my friend Wendy Whelan, who is a classically trained ballet dancer for New York City Ballet. She decided to take a new turn with her own craft and took up modern dancing. She's like a child with a new toy.  That inspired me...to be able to really start a new beginning.

I love the pieces that had the shimmery fabrics, is that your way of showing the excitment of starting something new?
It's a mixture of everything. From day to evening. Sometimes you mix bling with the day. Everyone likes to dress and feel special whether they are going to lunch or going to a party so that was the idea with those fabrics.

This is your second time showing at Fashion Houston! How does it feel to be back?
Love it, I love it, I'm really hungry for this energy. I wish I could do this every year, so hopefully next year I'll be back.                                                  

For more information on Bibhu Mohapatra please visit the following sites
Website: www.bibhu.com

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