WISHLIST WEDNESDAY: Henri Bendel Travel Accessories

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I hate to admit it, but I'm NOT the richest person in the world...it's been hard to come to terms with over the years, what with having a fashion blog and being a shopaholic, but I have to tell myself I can't have everything!  So I like to create wishlists! Wishlists for items that maybe one day I'll own, or maybe NEVER own, but it's fun to pick my faves from my favorite stores, brands, & designers. Today's wishlist comes to you, courtesy of my favorite accessories store: Henri Bendel.  Seriously if my income was unlimited I would buy out the store.  I had my first experience inside the 5th avenue store during New York Fashion Week, and I was so overwhelmed by all the wonderful delights!! I definitely left with a few items, but not the whole store.  And speaking of jet setting to New York, lately I've been traveling a lot and next week I'm headed back to New York for LuckyFaBB.  As a fashionista, I need travel luggage allows me to get the most bang for my puck, or in this case, pack as many options as possible without going overweight! Here are my current travel picks from HB.
1. Passport Cover 2. Card Case Front & Back 3. Jewelry Roll 4. Travel Jewelry Box 5. Pill Box
6. Envelope ID 7. Bag Tag 8. Backstage Pass Front & Back 9. Contact Case
Henri Bendel Hat BoxHenri Bendel Hat Box
This is one item that I want for travel just to have it!! For New York Fashion Week, I took at least 4 hats with me, and I had to fold them up and smash them a little bit in my suitcase...however, not sure how I could carry this hatbox and my purse and carry-on, onto the plane though! This would be great for a road trip! 

Striped Wheelie
I've always wanted a wheelie carry-on. More often than not I'm close to twisting my arm trying to spin my luggage into the right position to maneuver in the airports! 

I like them both, but I lean more towards the solid brown one! 

The suitcase I Own right now has a garment bag included, but this would be nice for bringing a change or outfit in my car! I'm kind of obsessed with this disturbed striped pattern. 


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