WHAT I WORE: Abstract Chevron Skirt

Sunday, October 13, 2013

For our August Houston Fashion Bloggers Meetup, we participated in Houston Restaurant Weeks and met for dinner at Brennan's of Houston. This is only my second time at Brennan's having eaten there once before at the location in New Orleans. I was very excited about going back for the Banana Foster. This event was RIGHT after work, so instead of doing my usual superman/phonebooth change, I decided that gosh darn it I was going to wear what I wanted to wear later that evening to work, and so I did. I figured if I had to go into the plant, my skirt was long enough to cover for my steel-toes, and if push came to shove I would just change into jeans real quick to go into the plant. Turns out I only had to go out once, but we stayed in the golf cart the whole time, so my LONG skirt worked. Wouldn't have been able to pull that off in a short skirt. HAHA


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