Saturday, October 26, 2013

Not to toot my own horn, but I have to thank my Mom and Dad for their genes! I've been blessed to have a face that goes with almost any hairstyle.  I've yet to come across one that I look really crazy in, whether short, mid-length, or long, or different colors, but I'll always love my natural hair, and when I transitioned out of that gorgeous weave I had my stylist reshape my fro.  She trimmed it cute, and I just loved it! It's such a transition to go from long to short hair, and I felt free!! However I still play up my hair no matter the style, and decided hanging out with my friend Amy, would be the perfect time to debut my new cat-ear headband from H&M.  I also did it to be funny, because she was dog-sitting for 6 dogs and I wanted to stop by and see the pups, so I decided to arrive as a cat. haha  Can you imagine!? Dog-sitting for 6 dogs! I love animals and that day I was kind of sad about something, so hanging out with a good friend and 6 puppies just made my night! We had a great time watching college football, eating cookies, catching up and playing with the pups (Full grown dogs are considered puppies in my world).

Headband: H&M
High-tops: Michael Kors (similar)
Necklace: DuO
Top: H&M


New bracelet from Carrie Ann Boutique! It's an Aquarius bracelet that displays all of my best qualities except for one: patient. It actually says patient! I'm definitely far from that

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