MAGIC MARKET WEEK: Project Las Vegas

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Project Las Vegas is the tradeshow that focuses on men's and women's advanced contemporary, premium denim, and designer collections. Throughout Project, creative director Tommy Fazio had Trend Watch displays like he had in Project MVMNT and Tents at Project.  We also ran into the bloggers of The Blogger Project. That was cool to meet some male bloggers that are into fashion, and I must say they all looked very nice in their dapper ensembles.  Brands like Paige Denim, Seven for All ManKind, & Lacoste were just some of the brands present at PROJECT Las Vegas. THere was also a cool Newstand area with free copies of a bunch of industry mags. I might have gone a little crazy with grabbing mags, realizing that when it was time to back to go back home that I didn't have enough sad...I had to leave some of the issues in the hotel room!  Marcella and I also had fun haivng our photo taken at the Apparel's Insider Booth.  Check out some of my photos from Project below: 

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