EVENT RECAP: Julie Rhodes Fashion & Home Boutique Opening

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A few weeks ago I was invited to attend the boutique opening party for Julie Rhodes Fashion & Home. I love when new shops open up in Houston! It's always great to have new options to shop.  Julie's store is located in Houston's West University shopping center on Edloe street.  There's just something I love about new things...I think it's the smell of new? You know how you love new car smell, well her boutique had new boutique smell...whatever that is, but I liked it! It was such a lovely space, and very inviting.  I arrived a bit early to interview Julie before the crowd (visit my blog tomorrow for the interview.) 

Julie mingling with her customers
I adored these embellished belts!
Only one person in Houston needs to have this jacket! Haha
Preview to their holiday items
Julie and I
As obvious by the title of her store, Julie also sells home decor. She does more than just sell decor items she helps her customers design and pick out pieces that they want for their home!
There's even products for children! I bought the bunny stuffed animal for my niece! 
More clothes to shop, and Julie chatting with Houston Fashion Designer David Peck in the reflection of the mirror.

Love the leather detailing around this collar.  
More home decor options. I love the display of swatches on the wall! Makes for nice decoration in a useful way to display options.

Even the fitting rooms were nice!

The crowd mingling at the party!
Jewelry is also available, along with candles, and incense
Julie Rhodes Fashion & Home
Store Location: 6209 Edloe Street, Houston, Texas 77005

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