EVENT RECAP: Jenetiqa Luxury Skincare Blogger Party

Saturday, October 19, 2013

When I first started blogging, I thought I was an oddity....how many technical professionals do you know that moonlight in the fashion industry. Apparently there are way more than I thought! Not only have I met a few other engineers, doctors, etc that blog about fashion, but I have now met 2 females that used their biomedical and/or chemical engineering degrees to branch into the beauty industry. The first one was Jasmina with Bona Clara, and now I've met Christiane Waldron, CEO & Founder of Jenetiqa Luxury Skincare.  Even better? I work with Christiane at our day job in Chemical Engineering at a Specialty Chemical Company.  I found another kindred spirit in the workplace!  Christiane used her knowledge of chemical components to formulate a skincare line to rave about.  We put our heads together and decided to host a "get to know" Jenetiqa party for MUAs and Beauty Bloggers in Houston. The event was graciously hosted by the owner of Table 7 Bistro downtown.  The venue was super cute, located inside a Club Quarters hotel & condominium and the hors d'oeuvres were really yummy!  

Goodie Bags for the guest, and Christiane with the owner of Table 7 Bistro

Christiane gave a great ‏presentation on the product and provided us with a slide preso to take with us that had Tips & Tricks for using her products.  I thought she was very thorough, and we learned a lot about the type of ingredients to look for in our beauty products. We tested out the jenetiqa line, and it has an amazing smell! I can't wait to test it for a few weeks to see how it does with an every day application!! 

Check out the bottle second from the left. It's a very engineered beauty container for anti-anging products.  Anti-aging products, mostly anti-oxidants work by eliminating the oxidation step of their ingredients, which means they really shouldn't be exposed to air.  This bottle provides an air-tight seal for the product and allows you to get every ounce of the product from the bottom as the the piston moves up as you take from the bottle.  Pretty cool huh? I also love the packaging of Jenetiqa. The gold is super pretty and I would definitely have this on a nice display with some pretty fragrance bottles!  

They also have a product for the man in your life! An aftershave. I like the silver package for the male line. Silver & Gold, no better partnership than that! 

Fashion Bloggers, Style Expert, and TV Personality Sarah Shah on the scene testing out the Jenetiqa product.

For more information on Jenetiqa, visit the following sites:
: www.jenetiqa.com

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