Friday, October 04, 2013

EnkVegas is the show that is for women only apparel, accessories, denim and contemporary collections.  After visiting Pool Tradeshow (read post here), we mosied on in to ENKVegas, and the very first booth we stopped at was Butter London Nails.  We were unable to have our nails done at the American Apparel booth in Pool Tradeshow, so we were happy to see that Butter London was doing manicures too!  I had never heard of Butter London, until that moment, but I won't be forgetting them anytime soon. Not only were the reps super cool, but their display of their new Rock Your Colour collection of makeup on records was unique and memorable.  I also really loved the nail polish color I choose for my manicure; Cheeky Chops. Funny thing is, Marcella was sitting at a different manicure station and she couldn't see what color I choose, nor I hers, and we both ended up choosing the same yellow polish for our nails! I also liked the bronze glitter and wanted a pop of nail in the glitter shade.  They polish dried very quickly, and I felt "polished" for the rest of the day.  

We also stopped by some of the other booths in ENKVegas after letting our nails dry. I seriously think a person needs to dedicate an ENTIRE day to each trade show showing at Magic, to see all the booths, and the tradeshow would have to run longer than 10-7......We were trying to squeeze all of the shows in, so we didn't get to spend as much time as we would have liked in each one, but randomly picking aisles to walk down was fun, and we stopped at booths that intrigued us.
Everyone knows that I'm obsessed with hair accessories. This booth had amazing headbands, that I wanted to buy right then and there! Unfortunately you can't buy from the vendors at Magic.. so sad and torturous.

Clearly I loved this mirror

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