MAGIC MARKET WEEK DAY 2: Tents at Project

Saturday, October 05, 2013

The Tents at Project trade show during Magic Market Week focused on brands that design luxury, contemporary men's collections and dual-gender labels. However, even though there may have been dual-gender brands present, it was heavily men's focused brands, which was not a problem for me! I swear when Marcella of Wrk it Girl and I walked into Tents, I thought I had been transported to a high-end male-modeling shoot.  Seriously! It was like the brands picked the most attractive men to represent them, and stores sent the most attractive buyers to check out the brands. I tried to focus on the clothes, and the booths, but the men were really distracting! LOL. After awhile we had to leave! 

Marcella's blog is called Wrk it Girl and we found this booth called Wrk! It was perfect for a photo-op for her!
At different locations around Magic Market Week, Tommy Fazio had displays with his edits that coincided with the theme of the tradeshow. Here were his picks for The Tents at Project.


Buyers for JcPenny's...very hot! Haha, I mean I was taking a picture of their outfits!

Cool Espadrille New York Pop of Shop at the front of Tents

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  1. I know what you mean about the men being distracting. Oh, and the fashions were nice, too.


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