MAGIC MARKET WEEK: WWDMagicWhite with Hal Rubenstein and The Shawl Dawls

Sunday, October 13, 2013

I left the BCBGeneration Blogger Party early to check out the two tradeshows that I had yet to make it to: WWDMagic White and FN Platform.  I absolutely had to stop by the Emerging Designers showcase at WWDMagic White to say hey to my friend Tani of Shawl Dawls.  You may or may not know that I'm a big fan of Shawl Dawls.  The shawls are so fun and they can be worn 15+ ways.  In addition Tani helped me throw a Shawl Soiree at my house earlier this year when she came to Houston from LA for a few days.  We had a blast and I think every last one of us in attendance bought a shawl.....or  I knew they would be at Magic so I wanted to stop by and say Hello! 

Tani was happy to see me and I her, and she introduced me to some of the other dawls including co-founder Roshena Chadha. However I could tell that Tani was not acting like her typical bubbly self and she was very adamant about me sticking around and having a glass a champagne, so I decided to hang out.....and then Hal Rubenstein showed up! Ha, That little schemer! She wanted me to be there for Hal's arrival but didn't want to tell me to jinx it.  Hal Rubenstein is InStyle Magazine's Fashion Director and he headed right to the Shawl Dawls area to investigate their line and pick out some pieces for his Fashion Show the next day at Magic.  I couldn't have been more proud of Tani and the Dawls! They've worked so hard and to have someone as esteemed as Hal Rubenstein want to use their pieces in his show!?!? Fabo! After Hal's visit Tani, couldn't stop jumping around! lol.  Fun times at WWD Magic White.

Hal Rubenstein perusing the Shawl Dawl racks

Dawls modeling the shawls!

The Dawls

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