EVENT RECAP: Houston Vintage Festival

Sunday, October 27, 2013

So you know what I wore to the Houston Vintage Festival via my outfit post HERE, but what about the event itself? Well, it was amazing! I had such a great time exploring an area of fashion and of Houston that I rarely delve into. I love the styles from the decades between 1920 and 1940s. I also discovered a a museum in Houston that I didn't know existed, because the location of the festival was at Houston's 1940 Air Terminal Museum. I had no idea this museum even existed and I practically live around the corner from it. It was spectacular. I really felt transported, and it was the perfect backdrop for a vintage festival. Needless to say I spent the first 30 minutes of my arrival going around the museum and looking at all the cool stuff from all the early airlines that used the terminal, even the creepy mannequins were cool as they showed the dress of the times for the stewards and stewardesses. After taking in all of the museum, I started to roam around the festival.  My first stop was the Violet Peacock booth.  I definitely wanted to visit them because I fell in love with the fascinators the milliner provided for the preview party fashion show and I love me some fascinators!


Next I roamed around some of the apparel racks. I have to say the one thing about vintage is sizing is hard to determine.  Some or most of the clothes don't have tags, and it's a lot of trying on to gage if a garment will work.  Not that we don't try on modern clothes, but I can go into a store and grab a size 16, as opposed to vintage shopping I have to just size them up and test it out.  I did try on some dresses from Vida Antigua! I ended up purchasing a 1940s inspired dress for $20.  There was an amazing dress direct from the 50s that looked great on me, but I passed it up for the $20 bargain. lol. I'm a thrifty shopper. 

When I see jewelry like this, I instantly think of my grandmother.  I have some of her jewelry, as it was passed on to me after she passed away. I love the timeless pieces I have from her.

Not to keen on wearing other people's shoes, but is nothing new? Look at these studded beauties!

Some of the guests (left), and the reigning Ms. Houston Vintage: Allie Cat (Right)

These gals are getting their hair done, courtesy of Kat's Meow Salon


Come back to my blog later today for photos from the Ms. Houston Vintage Contest

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