THE INTERVIEW: Annsley Popov of Presmer Designs

Thursday, October 17, 2013

I had the lovely opportunity to interview accessory and home decor designer Annsley Popov of Presmer Designs on her brand and aesthetic.  She was super nice, and even through my technical difficulties of the interview (camera died, phone ran out of space...etc.), we managed to complete the interview and she shared great information! Read our chat below:
How did you come up with the name Presmer?
Presmer is a combination of my kids' names Preston and Palmer, so I combined the two!

How did you come about owning your first pair of snakeskin heels that was your inspiration behind your collections?
Well I bought my first pair of snakeskin shoes, before I moved to Houston, so I probably had them for ten years, and I threw them on my couch, we had a white couch when we moved to Houston 3 years ago, and I thought they looked so good on there. I loved the contrast of the skin on the white linen, and I wanted them to have a permanent home, so I set off to find a python pillow, so that's how the idea started. 

So I take it you weren't able to find one, and that's why you started making your own?
Well, I googled it and I did find a python pillow but unfortunately it was over $2000 and it was like this size (mocks small-size with hands), and I knew that I could not come home with a $2000 pillow or my husband would be like "You better check yourself".  So I got a hide, and I had a pillow made, because I wanted a very long pillow, like a lumbar pillow and no telling how much that would be if I searched for it, so I had it made. Once I had that made, I had a friend who was an interior designer who said I want ten of these right now, and you need to start a business, and I like You're Crazy! I don't even know how to get around this town, and that was how it started.
What is it about snakeskin that intrigues you?
I also just think it's a very sexy skin, and I just think it's very classic, and I just don't ever think it will go out of style, as long as you keep the hardware off and keep the adornments off it kind of goes with everything. It's like leather, I think you can dress it up or dress it down. It goes with jeans, or a dress.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
From the average woman, the average mother, the average person who wants to afford a nice purse. I want everyone to be able to afford an exotic skin. And I want them to be able to carry it from day to night, and not have to buy 3 purses a day. They want to have a bag that they can use all day and be able to fit everything in it, and also be able to take it out and have a sexy clutch.You'll be able to fit a phone, your keys, your lipstick and it's still elegant.

When did you realize that you needed to add your purses & accessories to your household goods? 
Well I knew that when I would go into stores, and I saw the prices of purses and I saw the prices of clutches and wallets that were in python when I was just doing household goods. And I knew the cost that I was paying for python and I thought "this is not fair". I thought that women were getting taken advantage of and so I knew that I could level the playing field.  My husbands an attorney so he doesn't like me saying the word bargain. Everyone can afford a $300 clutch, so I'm just making it fair.

My favorite handbags from Annsley

 Wearstler & Renee

If someone wanted to do custom ordering with you?
Well, custom is hard now, because I've since changed vendors, and I now work with vendors who make bags for really big-time designers, and it's a long process. But if someone has a great idea, on something to do I would love to hear from them, I would love for them to email me. I'm open to ideas. They are where I draw my best inspiration from. I love hearing we want cross-bodies or bigger wallets. So if someone emails me and they tell me what they are wanting, like doing wristlets and I'm doing e-chains, I try my best to give my customers what they want.

If you had to choose, which one of your collections is your favorite right now and your favorite piece from that collection? 
My favorite item right now is probably the Coco clutch.  And it's because I see like a cross-generation buying it. 12 years old to about 60 buy it, because they like to wear it with all the chains, and I think the older generation likes it with a cocktail length, and the younger generation likes to rock with a cross-body, so it's fun to see mom and daughters walk in and both pick out the same-style clutch.

What advice would you give for a young designer looking to break into the home furnishing and accessories business?
I would just say go for it, and not to have a partner. I think that you work so hard with your own line and your own business, and you're gonna be burning the midnight oil, so just stay on your own, and go with your own gut! 

For more information on Annsley Popov and Presmer Designs, check out the following sites:

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  1. Great interview! I love that Presmer also has a hoem accessory line, especially the tissue box! Fab


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