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Lately I've been traveling EVERYWHERE for the sake of fashion and my blog. I have exhausted all of my vacation time from work, but it's been worth it.  About a week or so after returning from Austin for the Texas Style Council, I was on a plane headed to Las Vegas for Magic Market Week. For those of you unfamiliar with MAGIC as it is so lovingly abbreviated, it's the biggest fashion trade-show in North America, boasting over 1,000 brands that come to set-up shop and display their collections for buyers. I attended Magic as a Fashion Blogger, covering the event as press. I didn't go alone! I traveled with my blogger buddy Marcella Sky of Wrk It Girl.  This was a very last minute trip, as we had both entered a contest to be one of 5 bloggers chosen to cover one of the magic tradeshows: WWD Magic, but unfortunately we were not chosen. However, we were still offered press passes to come to the show provided we paid for our own flights and hotel.  It took only a matter of minutes for us to make the decision to go, and my only regret is that we couldn't stay the whole time!

First a little bit of travel photos for you.  I'm a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, but there is some crazy team pride for the Arizona Cardinals by US Airways at the Phoenix Airport. I HAD to take a picture of this plane. lol.  
The mountains of Arizona...the reason our flight was so bumpy....deep.
View from our hotel room. We stayed at Las Vegas Hotel and Casino since half of Magic Market Week was being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. We just wanted easy access to the convention center. We never did have time to go to the pool at the hotel, but it sure looked swank!
Monogrammed chocolate mints at badge pick-up
Anyhoo, we flew in Saturday night, the 17th, and the official opening day was the 19th, but 2 of the tradeshows opened early on the 18th: Sourcing at Magic and WSA @ Magic.  Sourcing is the location for all vendors/manufacturers/textile creators to display their work, to have designers/brands use their locations and fabrics to make their clothes. This was really interesting, especially since there has been such a big push to stay locale for clothing manufacturing and for better working conditions in factories in other countries. It was interesting to walk through and see all the cool textiles and technologies being used to make garments now adays.  WSA @ Magic, is the second shoe trade-show at Magic.  WSA displays more of the budget-friendly lines, whilst FN Platform is more the high-end shoes.  Marcella and I stopped in WSA@Magic first. 

I really fell in love with these rubber, jelly boots! I definitely will be on a mission to find a pair! They came in all kinds of colors and I actually saw them repeatedly at a lot of booths at WSA.
I liked the quote on this Shoe Vendor's Wall
I love how everyone is becoming aware of how important it is to be able to charge our smart devices!
I liked this wall display at Wild Diva! Fun! Look at all the red shoes
These metal cap boots look stellar! I want a pair of these too!

Home of Bumper! I have a pair of Bumper shoes that I picked up from Burlington for about $24.00. I Love them.
After browsing the booths in WSA Magic, I wanted to participate in some of the industry seminars. I was really interested in the shoe trends seminar, and of course that one was on the entire other side of the convention center. Little fact, The Las Vegas Convention Center is the largest convention center in the imagine me walking.

The walk was also more direct taking the outdoor in the heat of Vegas route, but I didn't mind! On my way to the seminar, I passed signs for the other tradeshows that would open up the next day.
The seminar was hosted by the NSRA - National Shoe Retailer's Association.
Even though the focus of the chat was on shoes there was discussion about accessories, because a lot of shoe stores tend to compliment their shoe offerings with accessories.

Marcella and I met back up at the Sourcing seminar, which was so extensive and full of such wonderful information it made me want to become a designer, boutique owner just to implement what I learned. I spend the entire time taking detailed notes to do an article for, and then accidentally deleted them at the end with my stupid iphone. I was so upset, I almost cried. I had to hurry up and write down what I could remember from my head. :-( had a booth in sourcing. Tempting! Lots of buyer jobs!

We liked these hangers.

A pattern cutting machine
At the end of our first day, Magic was offering a happy hour for exhibitors and attendees. We definitely took advantage of some free wine!

With the 2 hour time change, and a day of travel followed by a full day of running around Magic, we were exhausted by the end of the day on the 18th.  There was an after-after party at one of the hotel clubs in Vegas, but we did not make it. We had a party falling asleep in our beds! lol  Stay Tuned for Part II - Day II

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