Thursday, September 19, 2013

I have so much content to share with all of you between Magic, Interviewing fashion industry icons like Nicole Miller, Joanna Mastroianni, and New York Fashion Week, that I'm trying to get it all up!! I never shared the rest of the amazing time that I had at Magic Market Week mid-August with Marcella from Wrk It Girl.  As a refresher, we decided to attend the World's largest fashion tradeshow in Las Vegas as Blogger Press. It was an amazing experience and my only regret is that I couldn't stay the whole time. You can check out my post on Day 1 HERE.  Continuing with my coverage is today's post on roaming around Pool Tradeshow on Day 2.  To explain Magic Market Week is split into ten tradeshows...that's right, not 1 or 2, but 10, and Marcella and I only had one full day to visit them all AND attend seminars! Needless to say we were running around like chickens with our head cut off trying to take it all! 

Sunday night we had planned our itinerary for Monday, and the first half of the day we decided to spend it visiting the trade shows at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.  Because of the ginormousity of Magic, it's split between 2 venues: Las Vegas Convention Center and Mandalay Bay Convention Center.  Project MVMNT, Magic Men's, Project, ENKVegas and Pool Tradeshow were the 5 shows set-up at Mandalay Bay.  Looking at the schedule of events, we were also trying to take advantage of the cool offerings some of the booths were doing, like manis at American Apparel, and designing a watch at Sprout, all of which seemed to be taking place at Pool Tradeshow, so that was our first stop. Pool Tradeshow is your one-stop destination for all things independent, original, and emerging brands, and we couldn't want to explore.  


Turns out the American Apparel free manicure wasn't really a manicure session, it was just learning about their latest collection of nail polishes from their nail expert and the ability to play around with the polishes when she arrived. Since she wasn't there yet, we kept it moving, but I did love the different collections of nail polishes and how they had them displayed! 


So next we stopped by the Sprout booth, and if you designed a watch, you received a free Sprout Watch. I love being creative, so we took a few minutes to design our entries and turned them in for a free watch. Than I hung out at the booth to learn some more about the Sprout watches. I like what they stand for. They are an eco-friendly brand that makes watches out of materials such as cork and wood.  I definitely had a few favorites at their booth.

Here was my design for the competition. I haven't heard anything back, yet so I don't think mine won...haha

Then we continued to roam around the different booths. I saw everything from cool accessories (above) to fun T-shirts. I even received two free squares for my iphone, and some information from this company called storenvy, which I may look into switching my shop my closet site over to, whenever I have the time to research! 

One of our favorite boots at Pool Trade Show was JapanLA Clothing Company! The girls working there were so much fun, and they gave me a temporary tattoo! Can we say Hello Kitty, anyone?  They also took photos of us for their site, and I like their mission of bringing Japanese culture to the US, starting with the west coast...hence their name: JapanLA.

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