THE INTERVIEW: American Fashion Designer, Joanna Mastroianni

Sunday, September 22, 2013

I fell in love with Joanna Mastroianni's clothes this past February when I watched her Fall/Winter 2013 collection come down the runways of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Fast-forward 6 months later and I found myself sitting 3rd row at her Spring 2014 show.  No online streaming for me! I was able to see the clothes first-hand, up close and personal! Of course it was another amazing collection. You can view the collection on my Joanna Mastroianni Spring 2014 Collection post HERE. I was able to interview the designer on her latest collection. 

What are your favorite things about this collection?
Joanna Mastroianni (JM)– This collection feels strong, graphic and very feminine. Most of all, I feel it’s very wearable.

What is one new thing you tried for this collection?
JM – More color. 
Photo provided by Kinney and Kinsella PR

Realizing that you were inspired by the architect Gaudi, what was it about him and his work that inspired you to translate it into clothing?
JM – I very much related to his creative work and his mixture of materials, textures, color, and surprises. It all stemmed from nature, and the natural curves that nature creates. 

How much did you love the way your last model closed the show? It was definitely a delight for all of us in the audience. Was that planned ahead of time?
JM – Elena is fabulous, and I love working with her. I’ve used her in my previous shows. She truly understands and showcases garments beautifully. She totally understands the sensuality of a garment, and has the ability to translate it to the audience. We play with the garments, and she practices the move and the feel of the garments in my studio prior to the runway show. And the rest is all Elena. 

Photo provided by Kinney & Kinsella PR
The collection was absolutely breath-taking, and it was one of my favorites from fashion week! Where can your audience find your clothes?
JM – Thank you for appreciating my work. Select pieces are available at Bergdorf Goodman in New York, and special pieces are available through our salon by appointment, The collection can be viewed on our website,

Have you already started thinking about your Fall 2014 Collection? If so any insight to what we may see in February?
JM – Not yet, I’m still completing Spring 2014 and I’m not ready to let go. But I will very soon. 

Joanna has dressed everyone from Beyonce to the Charlotte, Samantha, and Carrie in the Sex and the City 2 movie.  Joanna studied at F.I.T. the Fashion Institue of Technology.

All photos in this post unless otherwise noted were taken by Photographer Maryna Marston (

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