THE SCENE: Fashion Hub NYFW Party

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

After viewing the last show on Day 3 of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (Venexiana), I met up with my blogger buddy Monica from Le Chic World. I first met Monica when she moved to Houston through Lynne Gabriel, and we became fast friends.  However our hanging out was short-lived as she moved back to Manhattan with her hubby :-( what do you do when you're in New York? See your friends!  Monica let me know about this after party being held by fashion/beauty blogger Jennifer Chen of The Fashion Hub in conjunction with event planning group: The Set NYC, and I was like why not? When in New York...Go to Parties! The event was held at Klimat Wine Lounge in Lower East Side.  I was a little surprised by the venue, it was like a cool, dive wine bar, but I didn't think a fashion event would be going in there, but lo and behold in the basement of Klimat, Monica and I met some interesting people!!  
Le Chic World and I

The party started at 10...needless to say I was rather late! By the time I arrived and met Monica there there weren't that many people left and I had missed the official presentation by Mariely Pratt Designs. However the designer was still there, and a few girls in her clothes!  They actually had some of the other models put on some of the other clothes again so I could see! How sweet of them! 

Sooooo I want these shoes


I just loved the bustier on this top! Unique fabric, made me think of a fuzzy carpet, but I liked it in contrast to the floral skirt!

Thought this asymmetrical hem was really cute. It gave the dress a spanish feel.

The designers with her 4 ladies wearing her pieces
Me again with the designer and the models
After the event, Monica and I went to eat at Joe's Pizza. Apparently it's a really famous pizza shop in New York. They had pictures of all these celebs that have visited them up on the wall. As far as the was okay, I don't get what the hype was about, but it was cool to go to a well-known establishment in New York!

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  1. Great photos! All of your ladies look FAB!

  2. These looks are great. Love all the versatility with the black!!

    1. Me too! Even those who want to wear black everyday, all day can at least snazz it up!


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