MBFASHIONWEEK: Backstage at Alon Livne Spring 2014

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Alon's Spring 2014 Collection was the embodiment of incredible.  Maybe I'm a little biased because Xena, Warrior Princes remains my favorite TV show to this day, and I love ensembles that portray a strong female.  His futuristic approach to Spring was enjoyable to watch.  The garments made me think of Amazon Princesses, Warrior women like Xena. All that was missing were a bow and arrow. I can definitely see these garments being worn by heavy-hitter performers like Beyonce, Rihanna, Ciara, and Lady Gaga. Arielle and I had the opportunity to go backstage to collect B-Roll and interview Alon Livne before his collection took to the runways of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. As previously mentioned, I'm obsessed with going backstage at fashion shows. The energy is palpable, and watching a million people get models from point A to Point B, perfectly polished, hair done, makeup done, dressed and ready to walk is so amazing to me. It always seems so chaotic backstage with 3-4 people working on each model at the same time. I always wonder...how are they not getting into each other's way. In addition to the people that are backstage actually working for the show (MUAs, hairdressers, dressers) there's tons of media around (like moi) with tripods, cameras, and mics and there's very little space, but somehow everything gets done! It's amazing to me. 
My job for FashionMingle.net was to write daily trend reports, and Alon's aesthetic for his models fit into the popular trend for Spring in regards to braids. His models went down the runway with 3 fat plat cornrows culminating in a bun at the back of their head.  It was a really futuristic look, and was perfect for the clothes. 


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  1. Love your pics! Looks like an amazing time!

    1. Girl it was so cool being backstage! I would go back just for that!


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