THE EVENT: Luxe Pamper Me Party for Breast Cancer Awareness

Saturday, August 24, 2013

For the third event in the Total Beauty Ladies Events' Breast Cancer 2013 Awareness Campaign, Shunte and her team hosted a women's only pamper party!! Now, I don't know about all of you, but I sure do love being pampered, and there was no way I was going to miss this!! However I did have a bit of trouble waking up and getting there on time for the, but I did arrive, and had a blast. My friend Viviana and her friend Lorena (pictured above) came to the event to support the cause and receive some TLC!  The event was held at CWA Local 2222 here in Houston.  There was everything from yummy deli wraps, to yummy cupcakes.  Each girl received a wine glass that had an adjective on it to describe how they see themselves. We got to pick our own. 
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Do you guys remember when I did my Jamberry Nail Shields Product Review HERE? Well they were on site at the Pamper party! A quick way for us to get our nails done at the event without the drying time. I love nail shields because 1. They don't need to dry, and 2 they come in so many fab designs and colors that I would NEVER be able to do with nail polish, so it's fun! I already had my nails done from the pool party the night before so I left with my pack of nail shields to put on later.
Viviana working on her nail shields. I like the Chevron pattern!
All done! So cute!
Lorena picked a blue abstract print pattern for her nail shields! Pretty!
Ok so you all have heard of Scentsy right? The wickerless candle? Well this Fondue family is also apart of the scentsy brand, and I'm completely OBSESSED with it! Having a little get together at your house? Turn on your Scentsy heat lamp, open a packet of their numerous fondue options and heat it up! Good to go! Not only is it a nice decore item for your party, but it's freaking good! I tried everything! My favorite of course were the cheeses! I love the cheese! Cheese makes the world go round.

I never miss an opportunity to have my makeup done! So the first thing I did after I took a whirlwind tour of the event was sit down and have my makeup done by @MUABarbs (You can follow her on Instagram). I really love the natural look she gave me. The lipstick color is my own and we decided to keep that one, because it complimented the look so well. What do you think?
Instagram photo, sorry it's grainy
Viviana's turn in the makeup chair
Lorena having her makeup done by MUABarbs. I really love the green eyeshadow on her

Don't they both just look lovely?
With my lovely Puerto Rican friends! I love having friends from other cultures!
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