THE EVENT: Mike's Birthday at #HoustonDynamo Game

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Last week, I attended my first Dynamo game at the new stadium: BBVA Compass. I have attended a game or two when they were playing at the University of Houston Stadium, but I hadn't been to a game at the new stadium. It's really nice and located in Houston's EaDo (East Downtown) District, close to all of the other sports arenas. Everything about this stadium is ORANGE, so I hope the Dynamos never decide to change their colors! It looks like it's right off the future metrorail expansion so that will be nice for fans to just ride the rail to and from the game without having to worry about parking.
So the stadium reminds me of the Bird's nest stadium that was built for the Olympics a few years ago in China

Anyway for Mike's birthday, his wife Gaby picked up tickets for all of their friends to attend the game. They are Season Ticket Holders and when the lady found out that they were coming to the game for Mike's birthday she wanted to make him Season Ticket Holder of the game! So awesome! He got to walk out the team, be on the jumbo tron and have them sing Happy Birthday! Of course due to my "lateness" I missed this part, but I saw pictures!  Mike was surprised to see his friends there, thinking it would just be himself and Gaby at the game. I was happy to be there! It was a fun time and I'm sure a Birthday he'll never forget

Mike's coworker's daughter was sooo cute with her little bob haircut. Mike was keeping her entertained by making faces on the Orange Dynamo Balloon

Plenty of leg room!

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