THE EVENTS: 3 Events, One Night

Thursday, August 29, 2013

A typical evening for me moonlighting as a fashionista involves attending a fashion event around the city.  Sometimes, there are multiple events on the same night. If they are all events that I'm interested in attending, I do my best to make it to all of them, splitting my time into an hour an each location. Typically the last event I attend, I'm there the longest because I don't have to rush anywhere else!  A few Thursdays ago this exact scenario happened to me where there were 3 events on the same night:  StyleWhile App Beta-Testing Party at Sam & Lilli, Celebrity Danish Makeup Artist Meet & Greet at Edward Sanchez Lounge, & Poshmark Houston Party at Hotel Zaza. All of these of course were intriguing to me and I managed to make it to all three!
STYLE WHILE App Beta Launch Party
Leigh & Mary of Girl Around Town invited members of the fashion community to come out and test the launch of a new shopping app called Style While.  Right now the app is in Beta, and they wanted fashionista/os to give it a whirl, and provide feedback on the app at it's current level. THey were looking for feedback, suggestions, and constructive criticism.  I arrive slightly later than I wanted due to working until 6, but upon my arrival I met up with Imani from Inspiration's Muse and she was already going in on the APP. The event was held at the Sam & Lilli boutique at West Ave Houston.  This was actually my first time in this store! I liked it.  The app itself was really cool. I like that you were able to style items together on an Avatar to see what they look like. My biggest feedback was to have a variety of avatars in all shapes, and ethnicities so people can feel that the avatar accurately represents them, and to have clothing options in a range of price points. A lot of the items currently in the app were pretty expensive, and though they are nice to look at, I don't know if a lot of budget-friendly fashionistas would use the app to shop. The event was nice too, they had champagne and sweets, and we were able to browse the store.

Bloggers in attendence at the StyleWhile Party
Kirsten Kjaer Weis Personal Appearance
In the same shopping center (West Ave) around the corner at the Edward Sanchez Vanity Lounge, Danish celebrity makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis was in town doing a personal appearance. Though I am not a beauty blogger, I do like to dabble in makeup and skincare products, and I love meeting people in the industry, so I definitely wanted to stop by ESVL to meet Kirsten.  I'm SOOO glad I did! She was the sweetest, most down-to-earth person ever!!! I interviewed her about her organic line and the packaging (which I realllllllly love). I really wanted to stay and have her touch me up with products from her line, but alas I had to get moving to my third event. Stay tuned for my interview with Kirsten! It will be up soon!

The third and final event I attended for the event was hosted by Poshmark and 4 Houston Fashion Bloggers: Meghan, Lynne, Brooke, & Veronika.  This party was held at the swank Hotel Zaza Hotel (as you all know from the many events I attend here, this is one of my favorite hotesl in Houston).  The event was a lot of fun! A lot of my fellow members of Houston Fashion Bloggers decided to attend just this event for the evening, so I caught up with a lot of them there. There was food, drink tickets, and a fun Poshmark photobooth area.  We spent a lot of time taking photos and just hanging out with the blogger hosts. I also met some bloggers in person that I had only interacted with online like Katie from The Nerdy Katie. We became quick twitter friends via our mutual love of The Vampire Diaries and our favorite vampire villian: Klaus.

The Nerdy Katie and I

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