LLIS TRAVELS: Dallas Road Trip Day 3

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 3 found us back at the hotel restaurant (The Loft) for breakfast and then requesting a late check-out...like 2pm late check-out. HA! We wanted to spend as much time as possible at the pool and still have the option to go back to the room and shower.  I physically didn't get into the pool this time, but I sure took an amazing nap in my spacepod jamming to the latest hits.  After the pool, and checking out of the hotel we headed to Galleria Dallas for some SHOPPING! You already know how much I love to shop, and as a perk from my Visit Dallas trip in December, I have a VIP Privilege Card to use at Galleria Dallas which allows me to receive discounts and perks from all the stores that participate in the program....A FASHION BLOGGERS DREAM COME TRUE!! :-p

Carmi and I had breakfast of champions...plain oatmeal and we could add in our own desired amount of brown sugar.

Stirking a pose with Val's Space pod
Necklace: H&M
Sunnies: Michael Kors
Sandals: Madden Girl
Tank: Forever 21
Floppy Hat: Merona

Carmen strikes a pose
Then it was off to the mall!! The card on the left is the one I received in 2012, and when I went to the customer service center to pick up the participants package they upgraded me to the 2013 edition. :-)

Our first stop was Nordstrom because Valerie had some returns to make....yes she actually packed her returns in the trunk because she knew at some point we would go to the mall. While she was "returnin'" I was purchasin'.  Christian here was a very helpful associate in shoes and I ended up leaving with a cute pair of Vince Camuto Sandals. I also liked Christian's style so I asked him to pose for Live Life in Style Instagram.

After shopping at Nordstrom Carmi's hunger munster started to show so we stopped at Townhouse Kitchen & Bar at the mall and the food was yummy!


Then we had fun with the BIG D letters. You're supposed to stand in the middle to be the I.
After our photo Op with BIG we went back to shopping. Of course I went to Michael Kors. One of these items I left the store with......THE SHADES! I loved them. I will be going back for these flats veryyyyyyy soon. They are on my MK Wishlist.

Before heading out we had to curb our sweet toothes and stopped at the Cheesecake Factory near North Park Mall. I orderd the oreo dream cheesecake, and it was everything from a dream and more! Then sadly it was time to leave Dallas and head back to the H.  Valerie grew up in Dallas so on the way out she took us to her old house and her elementary school and highschool. It's always fun to see where your friends grew up. On our way out of Dallas I snapped some shots of the city.

Bye Dallas
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  1. I cannot believe you came to Dallas, and we didn't get together :(. Thanks for sharing these amazing photos and I am sure all of you had a great time.

    1. Aww man! It's so hard for me to remember what bloggers are where! Would have loved to meet up!


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