Friday, July 26, 2013

For the Beyonce concert, I attended two weeks ago, I wanted to be comfortable. I know, I know...going to a Beyonce concert you're probably thinking that I would be in some skin-tight, doing too much, club outfit....but urm...no. One -I'm 29, Two - I'm not on stage performing, & Three - I knew I would be twerking/dancing and didn't want to be fussin with heels, so I chose a comfy alternative: Leggings with sheer cut-outs and a sheer, cut-out back tunic.  All black of course. I highlighted the outfit with gold accessories. Missed the concert? You can check out my photos HERE.


Leggings: The Ultimate Dressing Room
Flats: Express
Top: H&M
Ring: DuO Houston
Cuff: Charming Charlie
Watch: Michael Kors

I even did my own eye makeup!

Check out my instagram photos from the event
I bought the Beyonce program! Cost me $25, but the tickets were free so I couldn't complain!
Arrived early! It wouldn't be empty like this for long
Headed into the Toyota Center (Home of the Houston Rockets) for the Beyonce Concert!
Luke James was Bey's opening act
Check out these snippets from the Concert

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  1. great look!! love ur make up !!
    would you like to
    follow each other ?

  2. Your eye make up looks great! And I would much rather be comfortable for a concert for sure! Love the back of that blouse!

    1. Thanks girlie! I was surprised at my eye makeup skills! Yes I know I felt way better than the girls in the sky-high heels! lol

  3. Shasie, love the entire outfit, specially those leggings. You look amazing and love your make up. I so wanted it to see Beyonce, but hopefully I get to see her in December when she comes back to Dallas. Also great news. All Dallas bloggers are planning to meet Thursday, August 8th, so if you know any please send them my way via twitter so I can share more details. Super excited!!!!

    1. Aww Yay! So glad to hear that you guys are having a meetup! Maybe we should do a joint meetup one day! Who's in charge of the Dallas group? Thanks for the compliments on my outfit! I will definitely let any Dallas bloggers know about the meetup!


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