PRODUCT REVIEW: Tungsten Ring from Modern Design

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

As a fashionista I love jewelry.  There are many reasons why I love jewelry....mainly because no matter what size I am, my jewelry still fits...for the most part...(Rings might be the exception to the rule, since some of them are sized). But anyway a few weeks ago a representative for Modern Design, Inc., based in Los Angeles, California contacted me about reviewing their line of Tungsten rings. I'm pretty sure I don't own any tungsten jewelry, and if I do I don't know, so I was intrigued! She sent me over to their site to pick one out and then I had to pause! All of the tungsten rings were for Men...Oh No! Whatever is a female fashion blogger to do? Teehee, well I'm always inspired my men's style and their accessories. Take this wrap cuff I recently purchased.  I purchased this the weekend after I interviewed Chef Johnny Iuzzini HERE and I took note of his wrap cuff! I liked it and wanted one of my own! It made me think of a rock star. Soo clearly I was fine with wearing a men's ring. 
My Girlie Version
There were a few that I liked but I ended up picking this one: 
Polished Full Dome Black Tungsten Carbide Ring Laser engraved with Chinese Characters 
So there are a few reasons why I picked this ring:
1. I don't own any black rings
2. Chinese characters are beautiful
3. Not gonna lie....something about this ring made me think of "The One Ring" from Lord of the Rings. Ha, yes I know the one ring was gold, but it was gold and smooth and had engravings on it so this one was black, and smooth and had engravings on it...see the similiarity? Hahaha  

The price of this ring is not bad, at $90.00 on Modern Design's site.  Modern Designs sells more than just Men's tungsten rings.  They sell wedding & engagement rings, titanium rings, diamond pendants & earrings.  

I've really just been wearing this ring I haven't planned any one specific outfit around it. However I did clip it to polyvore and had fun making some set options with this ring! Here's one of my faves:
Tungsten Ring


Some of the other rings I was considering for this product.  Which one or ones do you like? 
Brushed and Polished Dome Tungsten Ring with Gray Inlay and GroovesTungsten Carbide BlackBrushed Slim Dome Tungsten Ring in Deep-Black
Polished Full Dome Tungsten RingPolished Slim Black Tungsten Carbide Ring with Stepped-Down Edges and Brushed CenterPolished Tungsten Carbide Ring with Gray Roman Numerals on Brushed Center
Polished Black Tungsten Ring Laser Engraved with Roman Numerals on Brushed CenterTungsten Ring with Satin Weave PatternPolished Dome Black Tungsten Carbide Ring with One Brushed Center Line Accents

Disclosure: I received this ring c/o Modern Design, Inc.  The review and opinions are my own.
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  1. OMGosh. Adore that black ring and the story board. So glad I found this blog!

    1. Isn't that ring the best! So glad that you like the blog! Come back soon!

  2. Such great pieces of jewelry made with tungsten . I really so much fond of this kind jewelry that make you different and stylish from other with a simplicity


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