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Saturday, July 06, 2013

TBLE Professional of the Year Nominees: Betty McGee, Telly Arnold, & LaWanda Noel
On June 22nd I attended the kick-off event for the Total Beauty Ladies Events' 2013 Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.  As the featured blogger sponsor, I am covering all of the events, and conducting interviews for the first ever TBLE magazine coming out later this year. The first event was titled Professionals Appreciation & Vendor Blender Networking Mixer.  It was geared towards giving back to all the vendors that participate in the TBLE events throughout the year. As part of the event, vendors could nominate themselves for "TBLE Professional of the Year".  I had the lovely opportunity to interview the final 3 nominees about their business's and thoughts on being nominated for "TBLE Professional of the Year". 

Telly Arnold - Plexus Slim Diva

Tell us more about your company, Plexus Slim:
It's a wellness company that helps you lose weight and it also concentrates on Breast Cancer Awareness. I joined Plexus in February just to loose weight and din't realize I would loose as much weight as I did. I've been helping people to get healthy diabetes, fibro myalgia, headaches just different things that goes on with people when they are overweight. Its a wonderful company. I have 40 people on my team now.and its constantly growing. I share it on Facebook every single day. I'm also researching on how to eat healthier, working out.  Being an African-American woman that's at the top of my things to do. I've been trying to change my life to incorporate it, and it's been a great journey.

Tell me a little bit about the product itself, how does it help loose weight, and take care of all those ailments?
It came on the market to help diabetics control their sugar. In the research they lost weight, and that's how it came into the market. It comes in like a Crystal Light package that you put in water and you shake it up and drink it once a day and you can take a pill for energy. It's very convenient. Which is what a lot of people like. They don't have time for strict diets, making shakes and it tastes really good.  It tastes like koolaid without the sugar, which is what everybody tells me.  We also have something to help treat Canida, which is something I learned that I didn't know about. That helps you loose weight. Some people don't know that they actually have it, and it can actually prevent you from loosing weight. So I always tell my customers to take the test, so you can see .  When they come to me and say "Telly I'm struggling." People think that since they eat a lot of fruit that they will help them, which a lot of time that's not

You are one of the top 3 nominees for TBLE  Professional of the year. How excited are you about that?
I'm very excited, I was very surprised when I got the call. This is something that is very new for me.  Never ever did I think Plexus would take me to being recognized like this but I love helping people and I know the struggles to loose weight, because I've struggled for the last ten years and just learning how to eat. That's what plexus kind of does, just learning how to eat and eat better. 

 LaWanda Noel - Mary Kay Skincare Line

Tell us about how you got started with Mary Kay?
I got started with Mary Kay, I was invited to an event. Mary Kay skincare class, and I am an entrepreneur by heart and they were showing the products, the skin care line, and I was interested in the skincare line, and which she said 50% off, and I was like "Yea, Cool," That's pretty much how I get started. I'll try anything once, but with Mary Kay it's completely differently. Her philosophy is God first, family second and career third and that's what really peaked my interested in Mary Kay.   Because when you put GOD before everything, everything else falls in line. when you put him first. 

How do you feel about being one of the top 3 nominees for TBLE Professional of the Year?
I feel honored.  With Mary Kay with the business that I'm in right now, there's a lot of recognition, but to be honored as one of the top three is really a great opportunity

What will you do with the title if you win?
I would definitely take it back to my Mary Kay girlfriends, just to let them know that you can achieve a lot through Mary Kay.

How do you feel about Mary Kay for African-Americans?
Oh my gosh, this is a business for everyone, and at first I thought it was a business just for Caucasian women, and when I saw that this was a business not only for Caucasian women, but it's for Asian women, African American women and for women that can't even walk. It's a business for everyone because everyone has skin. Especially for African-American women, it's another door to be opened to us.

Betty McGee - 6 Star Diamond Divas Foundation

Tell us how you feel about being one of the top three nominees?
I'm honored and GOD is honest, and that's what really matters is that he's pleased.

Tell us a little bit about your organization:
6 Star Diamonds Diva Foundation started on behalf of my mother, Dolores McGee and my daughters, being that I transferred here from Louisiana due to Hurricane Katrina. I didn't have any family, so I decided to created my own family where people can talk with each other and know that we are here for each other. If I have a bag of beans and you have a bag of rice, everybody can eat, no one can be left behind.

*I love that philosophy*

How was that for you? Obviously it was an emotional change having to move here because of Hurricane Katrina. How were you able to adjust here in Houston?
Being that I'm an open minded person I can adjust to any type of habitat. It's just that when you have God to lead you and guide you you can't go wrong. It's been pretty well. Time and time again we traveled here when I was a child we had an Aunt that lived here. 
Betty McGee, Telly Arnold, & LaWanda Noel
Of course a TBLE event wouldn't be complete without speaking to the founder herself, Shunte Gamble-Davis.

Tell us about your idea behind this event
Well we were brainstorming initially and we were trying to put together something different, something fresh for Breast Cancer Awareness, so we came up with a few different events to have, but we couldn't have them all in our annual event as we normally would, so we decided to  break them up into categories so each event is purposed to raise money for the same charity and they are all connected with each other. We have great vendors that always donate to our beauty bags, which the ladies love. They always sell out of our booths which helps us raise money at the same time, and pay for our spaces and some of the event needs. So we definitely wanted to do something to give back. So we branded our event, which we will do every year as professionals appreciation and vendor blender, we wanted to get everybody together, because at the end of the day we do all need each other. We can't do this alone.
Even though you try hard, you wear many hats
I do, I do a lot and a cape, and it's hard work. There are so many of us out there that are working just as hard as I and there are many hard that are fighting just as hard as we are working. So that's why we are doing this. We wanted to something specifically for our vendors to give back to let the know we do appreciate them.  We wanted to honor 3 of our top picks for professional of the year and one with the title, and then give everybody an atmosphere where they can mingle with each other, cross-promote and build teams.

Tell us about the rest of the events for you campaign,
On July 13th, we have An Evening to Remember Gala as you know our events are pretty memorable that was a befitting name for that. August 10th we have our Luxe Pamper Me Party which is something we do annually just for Mother's Day, so this year we included it into our Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign because at our Gala we'll be honoring 2 Breast Cancer Survivors and gifting them with makeovers and we have some very great sponsors that joined the team to help us make this event a success. September 7th, for Labor Day, we'll be at Tom Bass Park, Pavilion #2. It's a free event, it's for the family.  We wanted to do something different for Breast Cancer Awareness, so we came up with sponsored volleyball teams. So you gather 8 people together $10 a person get your team, we'll have contest, spirit t-shirts for the team and that will be tournament style.  Then we go into our finale which is our 3rd Annual Total Beauty Ladies Event event, this year is "I Am Fierce" because we want to celebrate the courage it takes to fight.

For More Information on the Remaining TBLE Breast Cancer Awareness Events:
July 13th - "An Evening to Remember" BCA Gala
August 10th - "Luxe Pamper Me" Party
September 7th - Family Fun Day
October 26th - "I Am Fierce" 3rd Annual TBLE

Stay Tuned to find out who won TBLE Professional of the Year!

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