PRODUCT REVIEW: Simply Yolanda Beauty Line

Monday, July 22, 2013

“My passion for creating this line stems from the same passion I possess when creating music. It's all about being spiritually, emotionally and physically well,” ~Yolanda Adams

A big thanks to Yolanda Adams & Medley Inc, for sending products from Yolanda's new skincare line Simply Yolanda for me to try out. I grew up on Gospel music! My mom is a church pianist and choir director, my late grandfather was a reverend and my late grandmother traveled to different churches and shared her testimony and spoke about the Goodness of the Lord and sang one of my all time favorite songs ever: Jesus is the Best Thing. No one could sing that song like Grandma. I still to this day can't hear that song without tearing up and thinking of her. So needless to say I'm a fan of Gospel music, and a fan of Yolanda Adams.  I have seen Yolanda Adams out and about in the Houston Fashion Scene during Fashion Houston over the last few years, but had no idea that she was working on her own line of beauty products.  

Simply Yolanda is a 6-item collection created in partnership with the makers of Estee Lauder & Bath & Body Works.  Seriously? With partners like Estee Lauder and BBW, how can you go wrong? Ha! The essence of Simply Yolanda is found in natural oils and butters derived from high quality ingredients. I was sent 3 of the 6 items to test out:  LOVE: Body Souffle, LOVE: Body Wash, & CHOCOLATE: Body Oil. The other 3 in the collection are CHOCOLATE: Body Souffle, LOVE: Body Oil, & CHOCOLATE: Body Wash.  The price points are budget-friendly, and comparable to other beauty products, ranging from $10.50 to $18.50. Honestly, I'm not just saying this because I love Yolanda Adams, but when I tried that souffle on my skin, I'm pretty sure if my skin could talk it would have said "Thank You!" It felt so amazing and the smell was incredible and my skin was soooo smooth. So you can imagine if that was just the souffle, imagine how wonderful the body wash and body oil was? Don't imagine! Buy it and experience the feeling for yourself! lol

In honor of her new collection, Yolanda (who lives in Houston, Texas) hosted a launch party at Grooves Houston on June 16th from 12-2pm.  Unfortunately I was unable to attend in person, due to a prior commitment, but I heard it was an amazing time! Event attendees were treated with hand demonstrations by licensed massage therapists using Simply Yolanda  products, and given an autographed t-shirt by  Yolanda Adams  with a purchase. Heavy hor d'oerves were served, along with sweet bites served under a chocolate fondue tower.  Adams ended the event on a beautiful note with a gracious song selection that she reworded, and dedicated to her Simply Yolanda team for helping her make her dream come true.

To learn more about Simply Yolanda please visit: 

DISCLOSURE: I received these products c/o Yolanda Adams via Medley, Inc. The opinions in this post are my own.
Professional Photos from Medley, Inc.

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  1. I recently purchased the Love Body Wash and Souffle' and I'm in love with it. The scent lasts all day long and makes my skin feel so soft. Thanks Yolanda!


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