LLIS TRAVELS: Dallas Road Trip Day 2

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 2 of our Dallas Road trip kicked off with breakfast at the Hotel Restaurant, the Loft. The food was pretty decent, but what I loved the most about The Loft was the ambience.  The seating was unique, and you had an amazing view of the pool. I ordered pancakes and sausage links.  After breakfast, I had to run to Target to get some very necessary pool essentials: Beach Bag & Floppy Hat.  Yes I do own these things, but they are packed away in storage and I really haven't felt like going to get them out of storage, so I bought some cheapos real quick.  This above hat of course is a result of that purchase.  

Once we ate and finished shopping, we prepared for the pool. I've been wanting to wear this cover-up since I bought it at Forever 21 a long time ago, but had no need for it until now.  I love it because it's translucent, zippered, and has a hoodie. It's the perfect bathing suite cover-up.  

Bathing Suit: Macy's
Sandals: Madden Girl
Cover-Up: Forever 21
Floppy Hat: Target
Necklace: Charming Charlie
Sunnies: Michael Kors
Beach Tote: Target

So the pool at NYLO Las Colinas, had these cool beach chairs that I lovingly named Space Pods. They were AWESOME! We grabbed our towels and set up shop, each taking possession of our own pod.  We had to keep rotating the pods as the Sun moved resulting in our pods facing the wall at some point, but I loved these things! I had my SONY Speakers and my ipod, and jammed out and did some work on my blog. I also ordered what I thought was a small chicken sandwich that turned out to be ginormous! Needless to say I didn't eat the whole thing!

Carmen posed to show off her cute tankini and cover-up
The pool bar
I loved the decor of the outdoor bar. How cute is this area with the red stools?
View of the pool from the pool bar

I can imagine how nice this would be at night with the candles lit.
Haha, we look anti-social, with our pods facing away from the pool! We were just trying to block the SUN beating down directly on top of us.

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