Sunday, July 21, 2013

Of course since it was a gala people showed up and showed out in their best attire! I decided to dedicate an entire post to the fashions of the evening.
Myself with one of my besties Liz Dibbs! Doesn't she just look classic with an LBD and pearls?
This couple was at our table and I was auctioning against Summer's husband for the first wave of vanilla cupcakes. Alas I let him take home that win, and I claimed the win for the Chocolate cupcakes, so Table #4 became known as the cupcake table! I just love Summer's floral accessories with her hair and her shoes.
Houston Fashion Bloggers and DuO Bloggers at Canvas Styles Reign Martin & Nanalli Johnson
TBLE founder Shunte Gamble-Davis with guest
These ladies were kind enough to take a break from the Craps table to pose for a picture
Breaking from Blackjack to pose for the Camera
Dapper Gentlemen indeed
These ladies understood the true definition of #gala and showed up in gowns! Don't they compliment each other nicely with the Black & White? I loved the detailing on the white dress. And our lady on the right decided to go against the grain and show off her personal style in a jumpsuit!

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