THE EVENT: FGI Houston Presents Rock Stars

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

I love supporting all of the fashion groups here in Houston! One in particular that I'm very fond of is the Fashion Group International-Houston. I have met so many great people from this organization, and they do so much for the community.  They host amazing events around the city for members and non-members to come and learn from the best in the industry. This was no exception for their Rock Stars event last Monday.   FGI-Houston brought in a panel of Jewelry Designer All-Stars to chat with guests about the ups & downs of owning a jewelry line, and their tips for success.  The event was held at Kendra Scott's Rice Village location.  The panelists were Jay Landa (J Silver),  Anna Mae Holmes (Temple Street), Vivian Andrus (Vivian Andrus Designs) & Cheryl Mills Knight (Kendra Scott).  Roz Pactor of The Chic Sheet was the moderator for the event.  

To kick off the panel discussion Roz Pactor had each of the panelists introduce themselves, and went through a series of questions with them on their career as jewelry designer and working in the jewelry field.  Jay Landa has a team that helps him, while Ana Mae is currently on our own but getting to a point where she will need assistance.  Vivian makes it clear that her clients don't come to her if they want something dainty because that's not her her style, and Cheryl told us how she came to work at Kendra Scott. After the moderator questions, the floor was opened up to guests to ask questions.  One of the intriguing questions of the night was asked by Cherise Luter, "Do you think it's harder to design jewelry or apparel?" General consensus was that it would be harder to design apparel, as there are more stipulations. They can be more creative and free with jewelry.

Jay works closely with fashion designers, pairing his pieces with designers that he has a great relationship with, and share the same design aesthetic and visions.

Ana Mae's key to success is not sleeping. She works full time for a PR company and spends many the late night making her jewelry.  She also says one of the biggest ways she's been selling her jewelry has been through her personal facebook page, as opposed to a website or even her company's fanpage. 

The jewelry designers also talked about where they buy their materials.  They seem to find inspiration everywhere.  Jay finds materials in all of his travels, and Ana Mae and Vivian like to attend gem & jewelry trade shows.  Ana Mae and Vivian also mentioned that Houston is a great place to find lovely materials for jewelry. Vivian was adamant in the fact that she never buys materials online...she has to be able to touch, look and feel before she decides to use the material in her jewelry. 

At the end of the discussion, the panelists were gifted goodie bags from Dao Chloe Dao by Sydney Dao, and Andrea Bonner, Regional Director for FGI-Houston raffled off some nice jewelry items from each of the designers and guess who won something? ME! Yours truly left with a lovely pair of gold Kendra Scott Earrings.

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  1. Thanks for you attendance and the awesome post! We appreciate your support and CONGRATS on winning those earrings! See you soon!


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