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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

So an amazing thing happened to me a week ago.....I won tickets to Beyonce's "Mrs. Carter World Tour" concert in Houston, on July 15th.  My closest friends know that my obsession and love of Beyonce goes back...way around middle school with the Destiny's child single "No, No, No".  I mean I put blonde in my hair because of Beyonce. I had braids because of Beyonce, I even had camo pants that I borrowed frequently from my bestie Tara because they made me feel like I was in the Destiny's Child Survivor video.  D.C. and Beyonce songs have been on repeat in my living quarters for years, and when I heard she was doing a tour after the Superbowl and was coming to Houston, I was eager to buy tickets. Apparently, I wasn't eager enough because by the time I tried to buy them (which was 30 minutes after they went on sell) everything was SOLD OUT. I could have cried,...but instead I held my head up high and was like oh well...I did go see her in concert in Philly in 2009 for her "I Am Yours...." Tour, and before I saw Destiny's child in concert in high-school, so it's not like I've NEVER seen her in concert, but you know being a fan I still wanted to go.....AND GO I DID. How you may ask? Well keep reading!

A few days before the concert a PR Rep for Pepsi contacted me about a contest they were having in Houston where a blogger could win tickets to the sold-out Beyonce concert!  I ended up winning the tix! So I took my "Just as obsessed with Bey" friend Carmen and we headed over to the Toyota Center Monday night to see our favorite girl. Being that it was last minute for moi, I had to cancel a few appointments that I had Monday night, but it was all worth it for Bey! In my one performs like B, and it's probably not just in my mind, I'm 100% sure that it's true.

Anyway the concert was amazing and flawless like the last time I saw her in concert.  She sang all of her hits across all albums, wore amazing outfits, danced her butt off, had us cheering, crying, and twerkin' in our seats.  By the time the concert was over I was so sweaty like I had worked out at the gym.  She had us crying when she started singing Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You into Halo.  #WEWERENOTREADY. I had automatic tears, in fact I had to sit down and collect myself. Still can't believe Whitney Houston is gone...But if there's one thing Bey does well is give tribute. During the 2009 concert which was only a few days after Michael Jackson had passed, she gave tribute to him during the concert.  

I enjoy Beyonce's Pepsi commercial because it takes me through all of my fave videos that she has! Pepsi has this behind the scenes clip on their YouTube channel and attending the Beyonce Concert is apart of their #ICONICSUMMER campaign.  Don't forget that you still have a chance to win a Pepsi Prize Pack in my Pepsi Giveaway! ENTER HERE!

I just have to say thank you so much Pepsi for the wonderful opportunity to go see Beyonce in Concert!!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, but I received 2 free tickets to the Beyonce Concert from Pepsi as part of their #IconicSummerCampaign. 

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  1. It looks like it was an amazing concert!


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