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Thursday, June 20, 2013

I am happy to announce that I have been asked to be the featured blogger sponsor for the 2013 Total Beauty Ladies Events' Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign!! I am not only SUPER excited about this opportunity, but humbly flattered to have been asked by the founder Shunte, to provide this coverage.  In addition to being the featured blogger, my organization, Houston Fashion Bloggers will also be a sponsor for the campaign.  Over the last two years I have developed a wonderful relationship with Shunte and I have been so inspired by EVERYTHING that she is able to accomplish.  Honestly, she wears so many hats I can't keep up! As the featured blogger I will work closely with her to bring you all of the information from this campaign and cover all 5 events. That's right! This year TBLE will host not one, not two, but FIVE events for Breast Cancer Awareness, starting with their Professional's Appreciation and Vendor Blender event happening this Saturday, June 22nd.

The Vendor Blendor event was created to recognize business professionals who are making a difference and making meaningful contributions to our community. The attendees for this event were able to nominate themselves for "TBLE Professional of the Year" to be awarded at the event.  The top 3 nominees will be interviewed by yours truly with the winner receiving a special interview/feature by me on my blog and in print for TBLE's first ever print & online magazine.  The event is a way for the professionals to mingle with each other and help raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.

Event Itinerary:
6pm: Door Prize Giveaway
6-7: Food
7pm: Networking and Command the crowd speaking
7:30pm: Professional of the Year Award & Honors
8-9: Live Entertainment
*Raffles, Drawings, and Vendors to shop will be going on throughout the event. Must be present to claim all prizes*

It's not to late to attend this event! You can purchase a ticket in advance for $10.00 at www.vendor-blendor.eventbrite.com or purchase at the door for $20. 

For more information on TBLE and the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign and subsequent events check out the following links:
TBLE Facebook
June 22nd: Vendor Blendor:
September 7th: Family Fun Day

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