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Friday, June 14, 2013

About a week or so ago, I received an invite from the PR Rep for Edward Sanchez to come to an exclusive blogger only party at the Edward Sanchez Vanity Lounge. How could I pass up an opportunity like this to mingle with Edward and check out the space at West Ave.  This actually was my first time in the lounge.  Whenever I go to West Ave it's typically to attend an event at Tootsies, so I hardly ever walk around the rest of the space.  It was nice to venture into a different boutique.  I love the set-up of the ESVANITYLOUNGE. It's very pristine and luxe with amazing interior design, and just an "I want to get dolled up here feeling".  Upon my arrival I was cheerfully greeted by the store manager Blake. I was a little late since the event started at 6 and I got off at 6, so Blake was nice enough to take me around the store for a "fashionably late" tour. 
Store Manager Blake, preparing a glass of champagne for yours truly

This is the Esthetician lounge which was temporarily converted to high-end handbag storage for the evening! I don't think the chair minded! 

I thought the stations were very welcoming.  The wood paneling and fun chandeliers were the perfect touch, and the drapes the perfect accessory. I like how open the stations were to each other, so you could chat with your BFF while you both received whatever glamour treatment you chose for the day.

The Edward Sanchez lounge prides themselves on carrying makeup that no one else carrys.  They feature alot of international brands.  A lot of customers or boutiques come in to check out these lines of makeup and then make the decision to carry them in their stores. Edward informs us that once a brand is picked up, they replace them with a new exclusive to the ESVanityLounge Store, so it's always rotating.  I was especially impressed with the Ellie Faas makeup line.  I really liked the packaging.  Ellie is a top makeup artist based in Denmark. She designed her packaging to resemble bullets.  A girl after a Texan's heart, I suppose! 


The guest of honor, Edward himself has arrived on the scene.  Seen here chatting with bloggers Nina Rand and Leigh Evans
Edward chatted with us about all of the services that can be done at the Lounge. I was especially interested in the $250 Faceshot photography/glamour package! My online presence is growing and having nice headshots would be great!

Bloggers eagerly taking in Edward's every word
After chatting with Edward I had my makeup touched up by pro-makeup artist Cori.  She did an amazing job!

Nest was Heather of LA Fashion Snob's  Turn.  This is the Before!


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