THE EVENT: Octopus Handbag Trunk Show

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Houston Fashion Bloggers were invited to a private trunk show of the Denmark top-selling handbag line Octopus.  The event was held last Thursday at the private residence of one of the US distributors. They are so sweet! For them to open up their home to complete strangers was very nice of them. I also love, Love, LOVE meeting people from other countries!! So back to the Octopus brand.  With the ever-growing focus on Eco fashion, recycling, reusing, upcycling, Octopus handbags jumped on board before the craze.  In 2007 Octopus Copenhagen brought their innovative line of recycled leather handbags to market.  The bags quickly became popular with the Annabella becoming the top-selling handbag in Denmark ever.  Now the lovers of Octopus are bringing them to the US.  

I was pretty partial to the cute looking OWL handbags

Julian and Linda are working hard to bring awareness of the line to the US.  They have hosted a luncheon  (that I was unable to attend because it was during my work hours), now the trunk show and they will be at the Dallas Market Apparel & Accessories show on June 20th-24th and Magic. The great thing about the Octopus handbag line is they have more than the recycled leather collection.  Maybe these bags aren't your style? Check out some of their other collections:

Iman - BlackNana - GreenNoreen - Pink/Orange

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