THE EVENT: Kendra Scott Gives Back Party

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Last week, I attended Women of Wardrobe's (WOW) event at Kendra Scott's store in Rice Village. Women of Wardrobe is an organization that helps raise funds for Dress for Success Houston.  WOW partnered with Kendra Scott to host at a party at her store, where 50% of the proceeds went to Dress for Success Houston. In addition to the party being at a popular jewelry store, the jeweler, Kendra Scott herself made a personal appearance.  Check out my photo with her above. 

My friends Valerie and Carmen came to the event with me!

Katy Atlas of Sugarlaws with her husband Chad.  Fashion Bloggers Valerie Greene Anderson and Lauren Mills.
I liked these ladies' bright colors so I took their picture!

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