THE EVENT: Kardashians in Houston

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to cover the Kardashian's meet & greet at Sears Willowbrook Mall.  Kourtney, Khloe, & Kim were in town to launch the Spring 2013 line of their Kardashian Kollection for Sears.  I was in the media area and close enough to the sisters to chat with them.  I was unable to obtain an interview as they were booked a week in advance, and unfortunately i didn't get a picture with them sad, but they looked great and I didn't have to wait for HOURS to be one of the 200+ people to see them.  Over 2,000 people came to see the gals, it was crazy, cops and security everywhere and lots of cheering.  All 3 sisters looked fab, even Kim who doesn't look half as big as all that crazy propaganda you read on blogs and in magazines.  I like Khloe's outfit the best, but I might have been partial because Khloe's my favorite.  I thought Kourtney's hair was super cute! I give Kim props for still wearing a tight bandeauish dress while pregnant! Good for her! 

The line outside of Sears to see the Kardashians

All smiles! We're close!

I had a full 2 hours to chill before the sisters arrived so I hung out with my fashion bloggers buddies, Yvonne Guidry of Spoiled Latina and Nikki Kestenbaum of My Beauty Bag.  We were all in the media area so we took pictures and chatted about the Kardashians. I met a lot of other media outlet reps from H Texas Magazine to Life & Style.  I was fully decked out in all Kardashian. I really like their Kardashian Kurves (for plus size) and was so happy that they thought of us gals when designing their clothes.  

With SpoiledLatina

The chairs for the gals

The first meeters in line! I can only imagine what time these fans had to arrive to be at the front of the line! haha
VIDEO (if it's not displayed below, view HERE on Youtube) - My interviews of the fans in line and a greeting from the Kardashian Sisters

Kourtney, Kim & Khloe Kardashian

Kim filming a Keek Video. You can watch it HERE. You can see a blur of orange real quick, and that's me in their Kardashian Kurves blazer

This is how close I was to the gals. Only the security was between us.
Photo op with the gals behind me signing photos for their fans
The gal's glam team
Joyce Bonelli, the gals' makeup artist

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