WHAT I WORE: Oatmeal Shawl

Monday, April 01, 2013

So pretty much every day last week I wore one of my 4 shawls from Shawl Dawls.  This look I wore to work. This shawl is called the "Oatmeal" shawl.  I paired it with my burgundy polka dot tank and a brown belt.  I added one of my favorite headbands in boho style and I thought the outfit was a great step up for just wearing jeans and flats.  I also loved how throughout the day I could change my shawl to fit my needs.  When I was out and about I kept it cinched with the belt to keep it closed.  When I felt a little too warm, I brought the shoulders up, if I felt cold I brought the shoulders back down. I also like the length of this knit. This is a short one compared to my long brown one.
Sneakers: New Balance
Jeans: New York & Company
Shawl: Shawl Dawls
Tank: New York & Company


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