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Thursday, April 04, 2013

As lovers of fashion and/or bloggers, I'm sure you are all familiar with the mint brands: Jewelmint, ShoeMint, Intimint, Beautymint, Stylemint & Homemint.  The mint lines are created in partnership with a celebrity, and they all belong to the parent company BeachMint.  Beachmint has come up with a new concept to help bring out the entrepreneur in you called Mint Style. Mint Style is an entrepreneurial program under JewelMint dedicated to empowering women and helping them launch and run their own jewelry trunk show businesses. 
Beachmint is currently looking for passionate, ambitious women who love fashion and enjoy sharing it with others. These women will help form the pioneering class of "Style Consultants" for Mint Style.  
  • Style Consultants receive fashion and sales training from industry leaders, as well as online tools to help them run their own jewelry, trunk show businesses.
  • Style Consultants sell an exclusive, celebrity-inspired line of jewelry and receive both cash commissions and jewelry rewards
    Mint Style Trailer (View Online)

How to become a Style Consultant
In order to become a Style Consultant, ladies must purchase one of three Starter Kits to start their business, which come with literally hundreds of dollars in jewelry credit
  • Kit #1 $199 ($350+ Retail Value!) - Comes with $300 in jewelry credit, 5 Mint Style jewelry Catalogues, 50 Order Forms, and Ring Sizers
  • Kit #2 - $399 ($800+ Retail Value!) - Comes with $750 in jewelry credit, 5 Mint Style jewelry Catalogues, 100 Order Forms, Ring Sizers
  • Kit #3 - $699 ($1,800 Retail Value!) - Comes with $1,750 in jewelry credit, 5 Mint Style jewelry Catalogues, 150 Order Forms, Ring Sizers


*This is a sponsored post, I only share sponsored posts that I would willingly endorse and align with the overall message of my blog.*

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  1. Gorgeous collection of jewellery. Loving it.

  2. Hay i enjoyed reading your post. Looking for more stuffs on fashion consultant on your blog.

    1. You should definitely try this one out! Let me know if you do!


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